I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Starmobile Knight Luxe is the most beautiful Starmobile smartphone that I’ve seen. This smartphone was launched just a few months ago and the first time I saw it, I was really amazed with its design. But of course, this smartphone doesn’t just sport a good design but the smartphone has a pretty good hardware too. Check out my review of the Starmobile Knight Luxe below.


Design and Construction


Without a doubt, the Starmobile Knight Luxe is the most beautiful smartphone from Starmobile. It packs a metal build which makes the smartphone premium, elegant, and beautiful. The back features a plastic textured back however, at first you won’t feel or know that it’s plastic and yes, it’s durable and it’s flexible.


The chamfered edges is really a beauty on this smartphone however I felt that in the front of these chamfered edges, It felt sharp but not to the point that it can hurt or cut you. The Starmobile Knight Luxe is also available in two different colors and the one that I got is the white and gold. The color combinations are really good and it’s really pleasing to the eye.


Despite having a beautiful design, the Starmobile Knight Luxe features a removable back cover and a removable battery however, it is only rated at 2050mAh. The side also features an antenna lines which reminds me of the iPhone and the Galaxy S6. But you know what, every detail of this smartphone is really beautiful. Oh and you’ll also see the notification LED below the smartphone


Inside, you’ll see a dual-sim card slot which supports microSD card slot, Mini sim and Micro Sim card slot. Not really surprising but I’m happy that there’s a removable battery and removable back despite having a gorgeous and elegant design. Regarding the audio quality, I felt that the smartphone needs more omph and it isn’t loud as I expected. When it comes to battery life, you might need a powerbank or a charger with you all the time because this smartphone only last to up less than half a day at heavy use.



The Starmobile Knight Luxe packs a 5-inch HD AMOLED display. The resolution might not be the best or on par to some of the smartphone at its price range but the AMOLED display is really good and it is very pleasing to the eyes. The colors were fantastic and it is probably one of its best features.


Outside, the Starmobile Knight Luxe performs well than I expected. The screen is readable and you can use the smartphone clearly outside. Compared to Super AMOLED, the colors were good and not oversaturated which is good.


Software and Performance

The smartphone might have a luxurious and beautiful design but the UI of the smartphone is nearly untouched. I expected that this smartphone would have a heavily-customized UI because of this smartphone focused on design and aesthetics but there are only a few customizable things on the Starmobile Knight Luxe which is a good thing because it saves memory and it makes the smartphone faster.


There’s a built-in app on the Starmobile Knight Luxe called Gesture which allows you to assigned and open apps based on the gestures that you’ve save on the smartphone and yes, they’re very accurate. It’s a really nifty feature but I guess most people wouldn’t want to use it.


The other app that’s really useful is the Firewall app which lets you block incoming calls and messages of a certain number. Firewall is a really useful feature especially if you receive a lot of unwanted calls and spam texts. The last app that I really like on the Starmobile smartphones is the health app. You could check your heart rate and it’s a great fitness companion too.





When it comes to performance, the Starmobile Knight Luxe doesn’t disappoint. There’s an MT6592 octa-core processor which isn’t the latest processor from MediaTek and there’s the 2GB of RAM. The performance was pretty good and playing games on the smartphone isn’t really a problem on this one. I’ve tried playing Asphalt 8 on this smartphone and it was pretty damn good and I didn’t have any problems with it.





The Starmobile Knight Luxe is the company’s first smartphone to sport an ISOCELL camera. Actually, it’s the first locally-branded smartphone to sport an ISOCELL camera in Southeast Asia. If you’ve heard this camera sensor before, well, this was already present on other Samsung smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5.


The performs pretty well and at low-light conditions, the shots are even brighter than expected. Sometimes, the colors missed out and the images lack contrasts and overexposed but the photos are still really good and they’re really sharp on most cases. Overall, I really liked the camera of the Starmobile Knight Luxe.

IMG_20150727_112128_1 IMG_20150727_134419 IMG_20150728_013754_1 IMG_20150729_101504_1




The Starmobile Knight Luxe isn’t the best in its class when it comes to performance and hardware but it’s definitely stylish and I really liked how this smartphone performed. I recommend this smartphone for those people who are looking for a stylish smartphone but can still pack some punch when it comes to gaming. The Starmobile Knight Luxe is now available for P7,690.




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