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The First in Asia: PAL’s FREE Hi-Speed Wi-Fi for Long Haul Flights

Have you ever caught yourself on a long-hour flight only to remember that you missed to respond an important message or email? Worry no more! Philippine Airlines, the country’s flag carrier now offers the very first in Asia, a FREE hi-speed Wi-Fi. All you need to do is unlock your phone and connect to myPAL Wi-Fi Hi-Speed, and stay connected.

Say goodbye to the silence in-between flight hours where you cannot update your loved ones about your whereabouts. Freely access your messaging apps while on-board, and send a message to your loved ones on your current status.

Every working hour in a business is important, no time should be put to waste. Working remotely is now made easy by PAL – access your emails, files on cloud, and keep communication lines open in the skies.

While PAL flight comes with its own shows and music to entertain you as they bring you to your destination, still, it is understandable that every person has its own preference. Go ahead and use the complimentary data to search for your specific type of content to entertain yourself.

PAL’s myPAL Wi-Fi Hi-Speed comes with a complimentary 30mb for all passengers, and an additional 100mb for those flying on Business Class. Ran out of complimentary data allocation? Easily renew and top-up an additional 100mb for only USD5 through your credit card.

For more information about the myPal Wi-Fi, visit



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