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Top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy Note7

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 has recently been launched and we were one of the first to experience it. Samsung has skipped the Note 6 in favor of the Note7 to make the name align with their other flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7.


So what can we expect from the Galaxy Note7? Well, there’s a lot of new features on the smartphone including IP68 certification water resistance which can be found on the Galaxy S7 and a lot more. But what are the things that we love when we used the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 5

1. It now starts at 64GB           

We don’t have to struggle anymore with our smartphones as the Galaxy Note7 will now start with a 64GB of Internal Storage. Not only that, you could also use a MicroSD on the hybrid sim card slot on the smartphone which will give a storage that is probably more than your laptop.


2. It’s note but it is sleek, handy, & thin

One of the problems that we always encounter with big devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series is its size. Unlike other smartphones, the Note series is a little big for our hands but with the Note7, the curves feels right and it doesn’t feel like a smartphone with a 5.7 display. it’s actually handy


3. Iris Scanner is awesome

One of the new features that you can see in the Note7 is the Iris Scanner and it’s really awesome because it can recognize your Iris really fast and even in the dark. I know, it’s an added security for your smartphone and it works really well. I really like to see this feature on more smartphones soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 3

4. It’s water resistant!

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Note7 will be water resistant. Not just that, you can also use the S-Pen even if the smartphone is wet or you’re under the rain. I know! It’s really a game changer when a smartphone is water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 2

5. Edge to edge display is gorgeous

Unlike the previous iterations of Galaxy devices, the Galaxy Note7 now comes with a dual curve display. Yep, you don’t have to pay more just to get a curve display because the Galaxy Note7 already have that. And yes, thanks to its curved display, the smartphone just look even more gorgeous.


Those are just some of the features that would entice you to get the Samsung Galaxy Note7. The smartphone will be available on August 20 for P39,990

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Jam Ancheta
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