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Top 5 reasons why Kirin 980 is exciting

Every year, we get an upgrade for our processors as different companies have been improving and creating SoCs that caters to the increasing demand of power by the consumers and one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphone SoC is Huawei with their Kirin chipset. This year, it is expected that they’ll unveil the Kirin 980 chipset on the Mate series. So guys, what can we expect from the Kirin 980 chipset from the next Mate smartphone?

7nm process technology

The only chipset with this technology in the market right now is the A12 Bionic Chipset and I’m not surprised that Huawei has made it on their Kirin processor. So what does this mean? well, it means that there are more transistors that can fit into the processor with a smaller process. More transistors mean better performance.

2x more NPU

The Kirin 980 will also have a dual NPU system which will give 120% increase in performance. We first saw the NPU capability on the Kirin 970 and it definitely helps improve not only the camera of the smartphone but the overall usage and experience of their smartphones.

Cat.21 modem with 1.4Gbps DL speed

It’s the world’s first Cat.21 modem and it’s capable of 1.4Gbps download speed. Well, I’m pretty sure that some of your devices can’t even handle that speed but I’m happy to see that Huawei has done it on their Kirin 980 SoC.

1st Mali-G76 GPU

It’s the world’s first Mali-G76 GPU in the world and with our experience with Mali, I’m pretty sure that this would run well on most games and I’m hoping that their next smartphone would utilize the GPU turbo for this one

Bone Voice ID

The Kirin 980 processor also supports a very unique device unlock system called Bone Voice ID which will utilize the voice identification which is an addition to the fingerprint and face unlock. I know, this one is pretty amazing and I hope to see this on the Huawei Mate 20 series.

Bonus: Supercharge

Huawei has their own fast charging technology called Supercharge technology and with the Kirin 980 processor, you’ll be able to charge 4200mAh of battery to 70% in just 30 minutes.

So there we go. Those are just some of the features that you would surely like on the Kirin 980 chipset. We’re expecting that this chipset will be used on their next flagship series, the Huawei Mate 20 series so yeah, stay tuned for the latest updates about the smartphones series and the SoC.

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Jam Ancheta
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