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Vivo Shows off the TOF 3D Sensing Tech at MWC

Vivo revealed the TOF or Time of Flight 3D Sensing technology at MWC Shanghai 2018. This is used for imaging, AR, and human-machine interaction which means that this technology will improve how we use our smartphones.

This technology will detect the time it takes emitted pulse light to retun to the sensor to accurately map objects up to three meters in front of it. This will allow facial, motion and gesture recognition along with 3D photography and AR to their next generation of their devices.

The TOF 3D Sensing technology also allows precise and accurate tracking of gestures and movements of the entire user’s body which will allow you to have better AI beautification too on photography applications. Merging this one to AR will allow having a more accurate tracking which is perfect for mixed reality games and applications.

This technology might be too technical for some but this is actually exciting for Vivo smartphones because the TOF 3D Sensing Tech will drastically improve the cameras and the AR capabilities of the smartphones. It will also have a great improvement in the AR and MR capabilities of their smartphones.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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