A few weeks ago, we went to Tokyo, Japan for our honeymoon and just like in every other trip that we have, we borrowed a Cherry Roam 5G Pocket Wi-Fi and yes, it was convenient as this one gave us internet after the plane landed in Japan.

No-nonsense design

What I like about the Cherry Roam 5G is it packs a no-nonsense design. There’s a single button on the front and then there’s the 2.4” touchscreen display outside. There’s a USB-C port too for charging and also a Sim Card slot.

But for my trip to Japan, they used Cloud Sim and it was not really a problem at all for me as it was able to connect to a local network immediately. The body of the pocket wifi is thicker than I expected and it was actually a little bit tall but honestly, I didn’t had any problems with its portability.

All-day battery

Cherry Roam G Tokyo Japan

One thing that is essential with our pocket wifi is the battery and I’m happy to tell you that the battery of the Cherry Roam 5G was able to last a full day of use on my usage in Tokyo, Japan but everyday, I made it sure that I bring a powerbank with me since the pocket WiFi exactly last up to a day of use with me.

If you’re planning it on using the next day without charging then you probably will run out of battery. 

Cherry Roam 5G Experience at Tokyo

Cherry Roam G Tokyo Japan

So we used the Cherry Roam 5G and it was impressive as I got a pretty good speeds around Tokyo. While I didn’t notice that we got a 5G signal in Tokyo, the 4G+ speed that we got is already enough as we’re getting speeds from around 20mbps up to 48mbps.

We also rented a Pocket WiFi at Narita Airport but we got almost the same speeds in and around Tokyo, Japan and sometimes in areas like Disneyland Tokyo, our connection was dropping on the rented pocket wifi in Japan. The Cherry Roam 5G was saving the day back then. I was actually getting a more consistent and hassle-free connection with Cherry Roam 5G

In our area in Asakusa-Ekimae, I got speeds of around 20-28mbps. Which isn’t bad as I was able to use it for some video calls and uploading on social media sites.

Cherry Roam G Tokyo Japan

In the crowded Disneyland Tokyo, we were able to have a steady connection of up to 40mbps in the area. I was actually surprised because this was steady and consistent. As for the date, we have a 3GB of data for 7 days for Php750 pesos. Loading it was easy as you can do it on their website. 

Cherry Roam G Tokyo Japan


Cherry Roam G Tokyo Japan

While you may have a lot of options to connect to the internet while in Japan such as buying sim cards or renting a router, the Cherry Roam is something that you should take a look at as this will give you a hassle-free and swift experience once you’re there.

The data is also enough for me as I’ve been relying on our Hotel WiFi once we’re in our Hotel and again, loading it was easy as well. The speeds that were getting were also fast and what I really liked about it is that the connection didn’t dropped while I was in Disneyland Tokyo.

If you want to rent one or order one, head over to http://cherryroam.com.ph/


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