A build of Windows 11 has leaked onto the web just days before the announcement of their next operating system this June 24. The new Windows 11 will feature a brand new UI but it still sticks to the genes of Windows 10 as it has a lot of similarities but it features a new start menu with no live tiles.

Windows 11 does look like Windows 10X which was canceled a few weeks ago. It has the taskbar buttons in the middle which is more ideal as there are more different screen ratio for monitors.

There are rounded corners on the UI of Windows 11 and of course, the icons are also updated on Windows 11. Windows 11 will also come with widgets but they aren’t fully working well

As expected, there will still be the apps on Windows 10 going to Windows 11 including the Microsoft Store. It will also have a new startup sound that will trigger at every boot of the OS.

Many of Windows 11 features are expected to be unveiled this June 24.

Source: Thurott


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