Pokemon GO players love lure parties and did you know that SM Supermalls just held their Pokemon GO Lure party last weekend? Yep, and it’s not just a normal lure party because this one is the biggest-ever nationwide!


The one-day Pokemon Go Lure Party is set to be the biggest one worldwide and it really brought Pokemon Go players to 50 SM Malls nationwide and yes, I was one of the Pokemon Trainers who went to SM Mall of Asia to join the Pokemon GO Lure Party Craze.


The SM Mall of Asia’s Globe also transformed into a Giant Pokeball and many people endured the heavy rains just to have a photo with the giant spinning Pokeball. SM is also one of the first brands to join the Pokemon Hype last August 6 and they’re also the first to set a nationwide Pokemon GO Lure party last August 9.


The #GottaCatchEmAllAtSM digital campaign was also a success and it has gathered the support and hearts of Pokemon GO players.


Smart has also run two promos during the event and they also gave their users free Pokemon Go access and also 3 cinema passes for every purchase of Smart Bro 888 while McDonalds has also launched their Buy 1 Take 1 McFloat promo in their branches at SM.


The nationwide Pokemon Go Lure Party was really an exciting and awesome treat for both shoppers and Pokemon Go trainers. Not only that we got to see and experience the Lures but we also get to stroll around the malls and see different cosplayers. Overall, it was a fun-filled event.


Due to the successful and overwhelming clamors from Pokemon Go trainers nationwide, SM has extended their lure party at select SM Malls until August 31.


So what are you waiting for? Keep hunting for Pokemons at SM Malls  as the Pokemon GO Lure Party continues and more promos await you guys until August 31!


If you want to know more about the Pokemon GO Lure party at SM Malls, be sure to check out their website and social media pages for more details and schedules at select SM Malls.


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