Do you miss the early days of Audition in where you always play this game on your PC or at the internet cafe? Well, this 2020, Club Audition Mobile is going to your smartphones soon and the Early Access period for SEA has already started!

Early access players may play and test the game before it’s launch however, the early access build will not reflect the final product of the game. The game will be available for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

As expected, it will still have the features that we loved on the PC version but of course, this game will be more optimized for the handheld and mobile devices. You can also try different modes on early access including customization of in-game avatars and of course, go head to head with other players in couple mode.

If you want to access Club Audition Mobile, just follow these steps:

1. Sign up by following this link:
2. Answer the quick questionnaire
3. We will email you instructions on how to download the game! For Android users, you
may need to wait around 8 hours for the email. For Apple users, you may need to wait
around 4 hours for the email instructions
4. Download and install the game and start playing!


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