One of my favorite games on mobile, Dragonica Mobile, has reached an amazing number of 1 million downloads! Yep, you read that right, Dragonica Mobile is not just popular in PC but it is also popular in mobile platforms! Dragonica Mobile is the newest game from Asiasoft and it started as PC game which became one of the most exciting and popular MMORPG. Just like its PC version, Dragonica Mobile brings the 3D entertainment experience and of course, the iconic monsters and classes on the PC version.


Recently, Dragonica Mobile was launched in 6 different countries including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and of course, the Philippines. And yes, I am of those players who helped reached the 1,000,000 downloads on Dragonica Mobile. This game have become the top free app on App store on its first day and it went up to the ranking of the top grossing rank in App store and Play store in Thailand within the first week after it has been launched. And I’m not even surprised to discover that this game has entered the top 5 RPG which made the most revenue both on App Store and Play Store.


If you haven’t played Dragonica Mobile, i really suggest that you do so because this game is really exciting and its 3D graphics is really enticing and its multiplayer gameplay is really exciting and fun. If you want to check out this game, Dragonica Mobile is now available on App Store and Play Store.


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