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Dragonica Mobile Launched in Southeast Asia

Dragonica is a very popular MMO for the PC and now, it heads to your mobile phones and it is now available on Android and iOS users.  This mobile action role-playing game is now available for download and you can now login to the game via LINE and you can now download it on LINE Games, Google Play Store, and iTunes app store.


But of course, Dragonica Mobile is different from the one on the PC. The mobile version of Dragonica optimizes its mobile gaming experience but still features some of the memorable battles and characters in Dragonica such as Elga and of course, your favourite classes of the game are still there such as Warrior, Magician, and Thief.


Players can also unleash their dragon slaying skills and the mobile game doesn’t disappoint when it comes to graphics because Dragonica Mobile features a 3D graphics with a rich animations and gameplay. Actually, I find the game very user-friendly and very entertaining because of its fast-paced gameplay and really enjoyable experience.


If you’re planning on playing this game, you can now download this for free on Google Play Store, and on the iTunes Store

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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