Yesterday we saw the Final Fantasy XV for Windows and today, here’s another big surprise to all of us from Square Enix at Gamescon. Yes, Final Fantasy XV is coming to the palm of our hand in the form of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. No, this isn’t your crappy mobile game because Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will feature the story of the original game in an episodic release.

But of course, since this is the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV, expect a tone down graphics compared to the console version. The game will feature chibi characters along with a new cartoonish design and graphics.

While we’re not sure how they’ll bring in the battle gameplay, features, and experience of the console version to the mobile version but expect that the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will have touch-optimized controls and yes, cooking with Ignis.

Final Fantasy XV will be available with one free episode while the remaining nine episodes will be sold at a price.

The Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will be available for iOS, Android, & Windows 10 this Autumn 2017 (September-October).

Watch the trailer of the game below:

Well, Square Enix, I’m still waiting for the mobile version of Final Fantasy VIII.


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