The highly acclaimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series has made its debut on Nvidia GeForce Now, enabling you to enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, and Warzone on a variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

This development is a result of the strategic partnership between Microsoft and NVIDIA, where the tech behemoth, Microsoft, is set to bring their Xbox PC games to platforms like GeForce Now. This move will allow gamers across various devices and operating systems to stream Xbox PC games, be it on a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone.

The GeForce NOW platform has been enriched with the addition of three games – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, and Call of Duty: Warzone. All three games can be accessed via a central Call of Duty game.

To play Call of Duty on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, simply download the GeForce Now app or access it through Game Hub Plus (for the SEA market). You will need to link your Steam account to your GeForce Now account and subscribe to the GeForce Now service to access Warzone.

For those interested in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warfare III, these games can be purchased on Steam.

To enjoy other games, you will need to link your Steam or other gaming services account as you can only play games that are free or have been purchased in your Steam, Epic, Xbox, and Ubisoft library.


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