HoYoverse has announced a major update for Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1, titled “Into the Yawning Chasm,” which will arrive on March 27th and brings a lot of new content, including story expansion, playable characters, unique locations, and celebratory events in anticipation of the game’s first anniversary.

Honkai Star Rail KV
Honkai Star Rail KV

The update delves deeper into the mysteries of Penacony, a world shrouded in intrigue. Players will explore new maps like the Clock Studios Theme Park, a Dreamscape brimming with excitement, and the Dewlight Pavilion, a hidden domain shrouded in tranquility. The “Fate’s Ensemble” feature allows players to experience the story from different perspectives, offering a more comprehensive understanding of Penacony’s various factions and their agendas.

New Playable Characters Join the Journey

  • Acheron (5-star): A mysterious drifter with exceptional swordsmanship. Her skill charges up with each use, unleashing powerful attacks.
  • Aventurine (5-star): A high-ranking member of the “Ten Stonehearts” who thrives on high-risk challenges. His abilities provide shields and buffs to allies.
  • Gallagher (4-star): A Penaconian security officer with a laid-back attitude. His Ultimate deals damage and offers healing benefits to allies.

Honkai: Star Rail Celebrates First Anniversary

To commemorate its first year, Honkai: Star Rail will host a series of special events:

  • Cosmodyssey: Players can embark on a journey through the game’s history, reliving past experiences with friends.
  • Immersive Interactive Exhibition: An online celebration featuring themed sections dedicated to various locations in the game.
  • Offline Anniversary Events: Players in major cities can participate in offline celebrations to experience the world of Honkai: Star Rail firsthand.
    Additional Content and Availability

Version 2.1 also introduces the “Vignettes in a Cup” event, where players can create drinks for Dreamscape monsters and learn their stories. The Simulated Universe expands with the addition of a new world.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available on PC, iOS, Android, Epic Games Store, and PS5. The game has received critical acclaim, winning awards like Apple’s App Store Game of the Year and Google Play’s Best Game.


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