Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been the craze for the past week as it had a successful launch with over $600 million dollars worth of purchases in its first three days. The Call of Duty franchise has also been on the spotlight on the mobile gaming scene thanks to the Android and iOS versions of Call of Duty Mobile. A lot of people want to join in on the hype but sadly, can’t afford the horrendous Php 3,000 or $60 price tag. But we’ve found a way to get the game for HALF the price!

DISCLAIMER: Jamonline is not responsible/not be held liable for any bans/arrests/lawsuits resulting from following this tutorial/method. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Note: this process requires a new account in order for it to work.


  1. Download and Use a VPN that supports a RUSSIA server. We used Mudfish VPN.

2. Create a new account at You should automatically be redirected to the EU login/signup portal similar to the link in the image.

3. Go to the blizzard shop and select Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Game edition prices should reflect in Russian Ruble(RUB). Select the edition you prefer and click “Buy Now”

4. Choose your preferred payment method and continue. We recommend using Paypal by linking it to Paymaya.

As per writing, RUB 1999 = Php 1,587 or $31.47 USD.

5. Continue to the setup process like usual. Once the purchase is confirmed, disable the VPN.

6. Login using the app and download your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



PLDT Palit RTX 3070 Palit RTX 3060  


  1. so i made a russian account to buy black ops 4. its still russian in the account details
    so if i just use a vpn to get me to a russian server
    i can just buy modern warfare just fine?


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