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Ragnarok Online Closed Beta Testing Starts this June

The biggest MMO to hit the Philippine shores this year, Ragnarok Online, will start its close beta testing this mid June. The business model for this game will still be free to play and it’s free to win as the game doesn’t require you to buy items exclusive to the item shop. And yes, since this game is free to win, you won’t be able to buy boss cards on the item shop and other items that are available in the item shop

Since Elite will be handling for the local publishing of the game, Ragnarok Online will also feature events that are exclusive for Philippines. Ragnarok Online Philippines will also start in 2-1 Job Class while the alternate job class patch will be release soon. There will be two servers for Ragnarok Online at launch and these are Loki and Thor.

The game is expected to start its OBT this mid june but if you’re interested on creating an account now, you may now do that at



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