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Ragnarok Online Philippines Open Beta starts this June 29

The Closed Beta Testing of Ragnarok Online Philippines has just ended and the Open Beta Testing date has also just been announced today which will be on June 29, 3 PM. They’ve also shared the Ragnarok Online Philippines CBT statistics in where there were 223,589 active users, 2,608,601 total level of users, and 191,675 of unique IPs.

The Open beta of Ragnarok Online will still feature 2 servers which are Loki and Thor and it is expected that the items and achievements made in the Open Beta will not be wiped out once Ragnarok Online Philippines is officially out of beta.

If you’re interested in playing Ragnarok Online then better go check out and download Ragnarok Online Philippines client here.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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