One of the biggest issues that we’re facing in the country right now is the “laglag bala” scam in where some people intentionally place bullets on the bags of the travellers so that some of the corrupt officials at NAIA can extort cash from these travellers. This scam has already reached different international media such as Fox News and this scam have become one of the biggest embarrassment of our government. And yes, the Filipino people are really angry about this bullet planting scam


But not for the people at Kulit Games because they’ve just made a very fun Android game called “Tanim Bala the Mobile game”. In this game, you play as the traveller and you just have to avoid the falling bullets that will be planted in your bag by the greedy administrators. The gameplay is very easy and all you need to do is to move the character and avoid the falling bullets. If you happened to catch a bullet from those greedy administrators, it’s game over. It’s as easy as that.


If you want to download this game on the Play Store, head over to this link


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