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Valorant Beta Launching on PS5 this June 14

Riot Games’ popular first person shooter game, Valorant, is finally making its way to PlayStation 5 with a limited beta launching on June 14th. The popular 5v5 gameplay that has captivated PC gamers will soon be available on the Sony Playstation 5.

Valorant blends precise gunplay with unique character abilities, creating a deep strategic experience. Players select from a different roster of agents who has their own special skills and playstyles. Riot promises the PS5 version will fully preserve the tense, creative clutch moments that make Valorant so thrilling.


“Once you start playing Valorant and get more familiar with the gameplay, there’s a special moment that will just click,” said Alice Labrecque, Global Community Manager at Riot Games. “Moments where you stand alone and outnumbered, but you find a way to overcome the odds and win the round while your teammates watch in silence—before erupting into cheers. These are the moments that make Valorant special, where creativity meets clutch.”

The limited beta will roll out maps and modes incrementally, starting on June 14th with classic battlegrounds like Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Abyss in casual playlists like Unrated, Swiftplay, and Deathmatch. More content like the Sunset and Lotus maps will unlock over the following weeks. All existing Valorant maps, modes, and Agents will eventually be accessible on PS5.

Interested Valorant pro-wannabees can sign up now at in eligible launch regions including the USA, Canada, parts of Europe, and Japan. Unfortunately, Philippines isn’t part of it. Riot plans to expand availability throughout the beta period in the future.

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