Huawei has recently launched the Huawei Y6s brand new smartphone and it’s made for the entry-level consumers as this one has entry-level hardware inside and also a price that is really enticing to the consumers. It might not be the best smartphone out there but it is definitely affordable and it runs Android so you can run most applications that you want on the smartphone.

Huawei Y6s Review: Design and hardware

The design and the materials used on the Huawei Y6s is what you can expect on an entry-level smartphone. Yes, the smartphone is made up of plastic and it does feel cheap but it doesn’t have a hollow feeling when I’m using it and it doesn’t feel that the smartphone will break easily despite dropping it for a few times.

The footprint of the smartphone isn’t big so it does have a pretty good ergonomics and the smartphone feels comfortable to grip. At the back is where we can see the clean look of the smartphone and it houses the single-lens rear camera and also the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone.

There’s a power button too on the side along with the volume rocker of the smartphone and below is where you can find the micro USB port of the smartphone with the speaker grills and at the top is where you can find the 3.5mm audio port of the smartphone.

Aside from the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone that works pretty fast as expected from most smartphones today, there’s a face unlock too that works well. Basically, you won’t have any problems with unlocking the smartphone as you got a lot of choices.

Huawei Y6s Review: Display

The Huawei Y6s features a 6.09-inch HD+ dewdrop display on the smartphone with a tiny notch at the top to give way for the selfie camera of the smartphone. There’s a 87% screen-to-body ratio on the smartphone which looks well especially for an entry-level smartphone.

The Huawei Y6s do have decent colors on the display but bezels on the sides of the smartphone are noticeable but not surprising since this one is on the budget segment. The brightness of the display is just fine and it’s useable under direct sunlight. The viewing angles of the display of the smartphone is just fine too but since this is just at HD+, don’t expect a really sharp display on this smartphone

Huawei Y6s Review: Battery Life

The battery of the Huawei Y6s is already decent for its size. There’s a 3020mAh battery inside and it can last up to 9 hours and 5 minutes in PCMark. The smartphone doesn’t come with fast charging and it also comes with a micro USB charging but nonetheless, the battery will do just fine.

Huawei Y6s Review: Software

The smartphone is still running on Android 9 Pie based on EMUI 9.1. Well, it’s not the latest one that we’ve seen on a Huawei smartphone but it isn’t that bad. If you’re worried about Google Play, well, I’m happy to tell you that the Huawei Y6s still does come with those applications that you need for the smartphone and yes, it’s full-featured so you don’t have to worry about it.

Huawei Y6s Review: Performance

It might be an entry-level smartphone but it does perform better than I expected for an affordable smartphone. Inside the Huawei Y6s is an Helio P35 processor which is a decent one and it can run most games and applications without a problem. This might be an affordable and entry-level Android smartphone but it does perform well and better than I expected.

In our benchmark, the Huawei Y6s got a fine benchmarks scores in Antutu and other benchmarking tools as seen below:

When it comes to gaming, the Huawei Y6s still doesn’t disappoint as we can play most modern games however, you may have to turn down the settings of most games to enjoy it and in some games, you might not be able to set it at a higher settings and you’re limited with the settings that you’re allowed to choose. Check out the Gamebench scores that we got on the smartphone.

To know more about GameBench, check out

Overall, we can see that the smartphone can run most games but again, you may have to tone down the settings to get an enjoyable framerate.

Huawei Y6s Review: Camera

The Huawei Y6s only features a single rear camera which is a 13MP rear camera and then there’s the 8MP front-facing camera. As expected, the smartphone was doing just fine for an entry-level smartphone but don’t expect too much from it as it can’t even match for mid-range smartphones at around Php10,000. Check out the shots that I took using the Huawei Y6s:

Huawei Y6s Review: Verdict

The Huawei Y6s is a fine entry-level Android smartphone for 2020 but we do have a lot of competition going on in its price range. It might not be the most powerful out there in its price range but the single rear camera of the smartphone performed well and the battery did really fine on the smartphone

The Huawei Y6s is now available for Php6,999.



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