Motorola has recently launched their newest flagship smartphone in the market and it’s the Moto Edge 30 Pro. The smartphone features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Processor inside and of course, there’s the flagship 50MP main camera inside. But what do I think about Motorola’s flagship smartphone in the market? Check it out in our review below:  

Moto Edge 30 Pro Review: Design and hardware

There’s nothing really special about the Moto Edge 30 Pro as this one features a chunky body and also a taller body but make no mistake because this one comes with a premium materials inside with a matte glass back that attracts a little bit of fingerprints so I suggest that use at least a jelly case for this smartphone.

As for the buttons, the placement of the power button and also the volume rocker is oddly placed at a higher part of the side of the smartphone which makes it harder to reach when you’re using the smartphone in one hand.

As for the ergonomics, it’s definitely not bad but not great either. The thick body and also the slippery body of the smartphone gives it a less grip especially when typing on the smartphone on one hand.

Below the smartphone is where you can find the speaker grill along with the Sim card tray and also the USB-C port that supports up to 68W of fast charging. There’s wireless charging support on the smartphone as well. As for the battery life, we got a fine score of 13 hours and 21 minutes. 

Moto Edge 30 Pro Review: Display

For the display of the smartphone, there’s the 6.7-inch Full HD+ display with an OLED panel. It also features a 144Hz refresh rate which is really smooth but of course, that takes a lot of battery when you’re using it. This also means that the touchsampling rate of the smartphone is very responsive as well.

The colors are great and it does support HDR10+ as well. It’s sharp, and it’s great whether you’re planning on watching movies or playing games on the smartphone. It’s great but definitely not the best on a flagship smartphone. 

Moto Edge 30 Pro Review: Software and performance

For the software of the smartphone, it runs on Android 12 and it does look like a stock Android  which is cool as this one is fast and also swift when navigating on it especially when swiping left and right on the smartphone. But one cool thing about the Moto Edge 30 Pro is there’s a feature similar to Samsung’s DeX mode in where you can plug the smartphone to a monitor and use it in Desktop mode.

As for the processor, the smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip inside along with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage and it was blazing fast. It does feel warm when playing games but it doesn’t get to the point that the smartphone is too hot. In benchmarks, the smartphone ran well and the results that we got were really good.

Gaming won’t be a problem on the smartphone as we can run different games on the smartphone without a hitch whether that’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a PS2 emulator or even Genshin Impact which is a demanding game. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 can handle that.

Moto Edge 30 Pro Review: Camera

The smartphone comes with a 50MP main camera along with 50MP ultra-wide angle lens and also a 2MP macro lens. Unfortunately, there’s no telephoto lens in the smartphone. Honestly, I find the macro lens less useful compared to other camera lenses out there. I would prefer having a better telephoto lens on the smartphone instead. 

For the front-facing camera, there’s the 60MP selfie camera but honestly, there’s not much to see in here aside from the large megapixels in the smartphone as the selfie shots that we got lacks colors and sharpness most of the time especially for a flagship smartphone.

For the rear camera of the smartphone, most of the shots that we took were fine and the dynamic range of the smartphone is pretty good as well. We took pretty good shots, especially in decent lighting conditions. Check out the shots that we took using the smartphone:

Moto Edge 30 Pro Review: Verdict

The Moto Edge 30 Pro is a good smartphone. It features the flagship hardware that we need but it doesn’t have the best features in its category. Nonetheless, it’s still a good one as we got here a premium design with its build quality, the powerful processor inside, and of course, there’s still a fine display. 

But the best thing about the smartphone is its price. It starts at Php34,995 which belongs in the affordable pricing for a flagship smartphone.  


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