Realme has a very strong smartphone lineup ranging from the affordable realme C3 up to their flagship smartphone, the realme X3 SuperZoom but they also have products outside from that as the brand also offers wearable products like the one that we’re reviewing today, the realme watch.

The realme watch offers more features compared to the realme band which was launched a few months ago. And for the hardware, we got here a larger display that offers more details in just one look.

Unlike the other watches, the realme watch features a square watchface with rounded edges but the bezels around the display of the realme watch is noticeable and it is quite thick below the display. Unfortunately, it gets annoying that the bezel around the display is here.

The realme watch is made up of plastic which is why the watch is very light. We also got here a glossy side on the watch that looks pretty and then there’s the single button on the side with a yellow streak which is only the single button that you can find on this watch.

We also got here a 1.4-inch touchscreen display and again, the display does have thick bezel and I find the brightness of the watch a little bit lacking under direct sunlight but it was still readable when I was using the watch outside.

Below, we got here a plastic build that houses the heart rate sensor and also the SpO2 sensors along with the pogo pins that you can use for charging. Thankfully, it’s a magnetic charging so I can easily snap my charger on the realme watch.

For the watch strap, the realme watch does have silicon material and the quality isn’t the best one but I’m already satisfied with it knowing that the watch is actually a budget smartwatch. The watch doesn’t annoy me too despite sweating a lot. Oh and yes, this one comes with IP68 water resistance

Now, let’s get down to the software of the realme watch. First, we got here a proprietary operating system so what you can do is limited compared to the wear OS but you can have more battery life and it still features a lot of expansive features for tracking.

First, the UI was fine with me. From the homescreen you can swipe to the sides to navigate from the different features of the smartphone including heart rate sensor, the sleep rate, activity, and also the functions of the smartwatch. While swiping down will give you the notifications that you can customize on the realme link app.

For the tracking features, the realme watch got a SpO2 sensor that can track your blood oxygen levels. This is essential if you’re working out so you can easily track your oxygen in your body however, just like the other smarwatch, it takes some time before it can track your oxygen in the body.

While the heart rate sensor can measure your heart rate at up to 5 minutes for 24 hours which is pretty cool for an affordable smartwatch. But the best feature that I love on the realme watch is the sleep tracker which gives me detailed information about my sleep including deep sleep, light sleep, awake, and REM.

For workouts, the realme watch does offer a lot of features. It can easily track you’re your outdoor run, walk, indoor run, cycling, and many more. Comparing it to my other smartwatches, the realme does offer a close count on other fitness trackers so the realme watch would be just fine for fitness tracking.

Other features on the realme watch include music control, shutter button for the camera, stopwatch, meditation, alarms, and weather. For the notifications, it can only display notifications from your smartphone but unfortunately, there’s no way to reply on messages on different apps.

Unfortunately for the watchface, the realme watch only features only a few selections of watchfaces but it is expected to grow more in the future.

The realme watch is one of the most affordable smartwatch out there and it does come with a lot of features including a touchscreen display, sleep tracker, fitness tracking, and more but the smartwatch does feature a large bezel on the display and the display quality isn’t the best out there but it’s already fine for its budget range.

The realme watch is now available for Php3,990.


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