The best smartphone of Samsung is here and it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. The Korean company wants you to use this smartphone for productivity and also for fun and yes, they didn’t fail to impress us with their latest smartphone thanks to its symmetrical and beautiful design, a powerful processor, and a display that is the best in the industry.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: Design and hardware

When it comes to design and build, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is my favorite of them all. We got here the premium materials and also a more squarish but more ergonomic design compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ features an all-glass design at the back and front of the smartphone while on the sides, we got here a premium metal design that looks and feels cool.

The review unit that we got comes in Aura Glow color and honestly, it does look unique because the smartphone changes its color depending on the reflection and the lighting. It reminds me of a chrome look on cars. Again, the all-glass design and despite having a bigger footprint, the curves at the back of the smartphone helped in the grip and ergonomics of the smartphone.

I was happy to know that Samsung has ditched the Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and they moved the power button of the smartphone to the other side just below the volume rocker and if you ask me, I prefer this one as I won’t get confused with the buttons of the smartphone. But of course, you can still open Bixby by adjusting it in the settings.

This might be a deal-breaker for some people but the Samsung Galaxy Note10+’s audio jack is now gone. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S10 series that retains the audio jack, the Galaxy Note10+ relies only on the USB-C port for wired audio devices. The smartphone does come with wired AKG earphones out of the box, however, the smartphone doesn’t come with a dongle.

The speakers of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is loud and clear. It’s one of the best in the market right now and I do love playing with my speakers on or watching movies with it because the speaker is just loud and crisp and it’s perfect for this smartphone.

There’s the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the smartphone while I didn’t notice the difference from the Samsung Galaxy S10+ that we’ve reviewed before, this one is still fast, and without problems. The face unlock works pretty well too and sometimes, it does work at dim condition which is great.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ got the best smartphone display that you can get on a smartphone right now. It’s very immersive at 6.8-inchees and it’s very crisp thanks to the QHD resolution of the smartphone. Just like the previous flagship smartphones of Samsung, we got here a curve dynamic AMOLED display in here and thankfully, the curve doesn’t warp the display of the smartphone that much which I find annoying when I’m playing some games.

The smartphone has a punch-hole display in the middle and just like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, this one will be called as the Infinity-O display. But in my usage, I barely notice the punch-hole notch at the top of the smartphone.

Thanks to the Dynamic AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note10+ with HDR10, this one packs a crisp, vivid, and the best display on a smartphone in the market right now. I love looking at it and the colors are just great. Whether you use it for watching Netflix or even just playing games. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is just good.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: Battery life

There’s a 4500mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and thanks to the 7nm Exynos 9825 processor along with the software of the smartphone, I was getting a long battery life on the smartphone. I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ for a day and most of the time, we’re not using our powerbank or charger for a single workday. The smartphone will simply just last a single workday and you won’t have to worry about it.

Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ now comes with a better 25W charger out of the box but if you want to have a faster charging, the flagship smartphone supports up to 45W of fast charging but I haven’t seen one from the Philippine market that supports the 45W fast charging of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. In our PC Mark test, we got a long battery score of:

11 hours and 17 minutes isn’t bad especially for a flagship smartphone 😉

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+’s S-Pen has been upgraded and it now comes with a six-axis motion sensor that we can use to control the smartphone. Yep, the S-Pen now works like a Wii-mote or a motion controller. So how can you use it? Well, the S-pen’s motion sensor can be used to move pictures and even control the camera of the smartphone which is pretty cool and helpful especially if you want to take photos when your smartphone is in a tripod. You can also use this feature when you’re using the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ for your presentation and just use it for swiping to the next slides.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: Software and Operating system

The flagship smartphone runs on the latest One UI 1.5 with Android 9 Pie. It’s fast and everything is smooth despite using the smartphone for more than a month now. Of course, there are the included applications on the smartphone including Samsung members that give you some perks in some restaurants and stores.

There’s a new app for the smartphone to called AR doodle in where you can draw in 3D using the S Pen. You can use it draw on your face and create some cool short videos that you can upload on Instagram and other social media channels. Oh, and yeah, this one comes with a pretty good AR tracking so you can create cool stuff with this one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: Performance

Inside the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is an Exynos 9825 processor which is the newest 7nm processor from the company and also 12GB of RAM. The numbers that you can get from this smartphone is amazing. It isn’t the highest score that you can get on a chipset but you’ll love the benchmarks on the smartphone. Check it out below:

  • Antutu – 352077
  • Sling shot Extreme OpenGL ES3.1 – 4991
  • Sling Shot Extreme Vulcan – 4787
  • Geekbench Single-core – 4534
  • Geekbench Multi-core – 10270

The scores that we got on the smartphone are high and if you’re planning on playing most games on the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ can surely run that. However, I noticed that some games can’t run at the maximum FPS but they were able to run other games at a higher FPS. I think Samsung needs to optimize its chipset for some games. Nonetheless, the Exynos chipset wouldn’t be a problem. Check out our gaming test of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ below:

When it comes to storing applications and games, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ wouldn’t have a problem as we got here a spacious 256GB of storage but of course, you can go more than that if you want to with a MicroSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: Camera

One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is its camera. We got here a very powerful quad-camera and it isn’t the first time that Samsung has delved into the quad-camera segment but they did a pretty good job on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. First, let’s talk about the camera of the smartphone.

For selfies, there’s the 10MP selfie camera and they’ve decided to use a single selfie camera instead of two unlike the Samsung Galaxy S10+ while at the back of the smartphone, there’s the 16MP ultra wide-angle camera, 12MP main wide-angle camera, 12MP telephoto camera, and a VGA DepthVision Camera. Not only that, but Samsung Galaxy Note10+ has also introduced a lot of new features in the Samsung Galaxy Series including AR doodle and also Live Focus Video which adds bokeh to your smartphone and also some effects, zoom-in mic and Super steady for smoother and better natural shots.

Curious about the rear camera performance of the smartphone? Check out some shots that I took below:

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+’s camera performs well. The colors and dynamic range are great and these are sharp. Thanks to the dual aperture mode of the smartphone, I can get shots that are way better than I expected even at low light. The night mode has also improved well on the smartphone over a few updates and the selfies? They’re sharp and they’re great. Overall, the camera of the smartphone is something that you would love on the smartphone. Despite not having an ungodly zoom on the smartphone, I still love using the smartphone for taking photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is one of the best, if not the best smartphone out there in the market. You get a beautiful and immersive display, S Pen that helps you in productivity, a great camera, long battery life, pretty good performance, and design and build quality that is the best that we’ve seen on a Galaxy smartphone.

But of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ isn’t a perfect smartphone. It doesn’t have a more than 10x zoom and it doesn’t have a headphone hack anymore. If those things aren’t a dealbreaker for you then you might want to get this smartphone as this is one of the best in the market right now.

But hey, if you want the best Android smartphone that you need for productivity and for work and this one will be the perfect smartphone for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is now available and it starts at Php60,990.



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