I just got a Google Wave account and eventhough I didn’t understand the all the features of Google wave. I still find it fun to use it LOL. Yeah, seriously it is fun to use Google wave!, but the only problem is that it is only available to limited people.

I only have 5 contacts in my Google wave (yeah, only a few since it is only available to some people like I said earlier). By the way if you didn’t know that google wave is, this site may be helpful to you to understand what google wave is all about http://www.whatisgooglewave.com/ .

Google Wave combines the features of many cool sites that we always visit like facebook, twitter, blogger, gmail & more. You can even share your files in google wave by just dragging it. Google wave is great for meeting, brainstorming with your classmates, Photo sharing & more. I think I will find this very useful in the future when this will be available to the public.

There are a lot of cool features in google wave so why don’t you check some videos on Youtube about google wave. And why don’t you try your luck to get a invitation for google wave? just check out http://wave.google.com and request for an account 😀

Add my google wave at jrom.ancheta[at]googlewave.com

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