There are a lot of reasons why you should buy your ASUS ROG or FX notebook locally or from the ROG Authorized Resellers but I think the ROG Premium Care is the best reason why you should get your laptop at authorized local sellers. Why? because all gaming notebooks covered by this program with 24-month warranty as long as the gaming is bought via local resellers and as long as the warranty is not voided.

So what’s up with the ROG Premium Care service of ASUS. With the ROG Premium Care program from ASUS Philippines, ROG and FX notebooks will be able to undergo the following preventive maintenance steps.

  • Step 1: Over-All System Diagnosis
  • Step 2: Thermal Compound Re-pasting
  • Step 3: Fan / Air Vent cleaning
  • Step 4: Memory “golden pins” cleaning
  • Step 5: Keyboard Cleaning
  • Step 6: Cosmetics Part Cleaning
  • Step 7: LCD Cleaning
  • Step 8: Recommendations
  • Step 9: Final Over-All System Check-Up

This is a really nice program for ASUS ROG and FX Series users as this program encourage gamers and consumers to buy from authorized resellers and for the consumers, they’ll get to have a check-up and maintenance of their notebooks for free.

Not only that, ASUS ROG has also partnered with CoolerMaster for providing the cooling compound for the CPU and GPU which will decrease the temperature and also to promote a longer lifespan.

The first phase of the program will start this November 2017.



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