CHERRY Cares, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of CHERRY Philippines, is once again making a meaningful impact on the community through its Project Twinkle. The CSR program, which has been promoting the giving spirit over the holiday season since 2021, is focusing this year on reaching out to different child-care institutions, homes for the elderly, street families, and the IP community.

CHERRY Cares extends support to various organizations, including MBTC Manila Kids Home, Concordia Children Services, Inc., the Minstrels Rhythm of Hope Foundation, Kanlungan sa Er-Ma, Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC), Laura Vicuña Foundation, and House of Somang in Parañaque. The organization also aims to bring a touch of warmth to the IP community of Sitio Magata, Tanay Rizal.

CHERRY Cares aims to create a space of happiness. Jollibee meals and Cosmic Plush Toys were given to the young hearts who have faced neglect, abandonment, and abuse. Moreover, CHERRY Cares went the extra mile to ensure that the gifts distributed align with the practical needs of the recipients by granting their wish list. Essential food items and hygiene kits were provided, emphasizing the importance of their well-being.

CHERRY Cares demonstrates that the holiday season is not only about festive decorations and celebrations but also an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate. The distribution of Media Noche package has reached 100 street families from different districts of Manila in coordination with DSWD-NCR.

“We are happy to light up lives and make this season brighter through our Project Twinkle. We’ve been doing this for quite some time. This is our CEO, Mr. Maynard Ngu’s way of returning the gratitude by simply giving back,” shares Agnes Conopio, PR and CSR Senior Manager of CHERRY.


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