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Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Specifications and Price in the Philippines: Quad-Core tablet priced at P3,999!

Cherry Mobile shocked us when they launched the the Cherry Mobile Flare last year. Today, Cherry Mobile shocked the press and the bloggers once again when they announced the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. The Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is a quad-core tablet that has a freakin price of P3,999. That’s insane. I never thought that a quad-core tablet could have a price the same of the Cherry Mobile Flare. And like what the people have guessed before, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is based on the Ainol Venus but this one has a few minor changes. Want to know more about the tablet? Check it out after the break.

The Ainol Venus has a 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core processor but the Fusion Bolt runs on a 1 GHz Quad-Core A9 Processor. The storage also went down from 16 GB to 8 GB but don’t worry guys because there’s a MicroSD Card slot that can expand up to 32 GB. Here. Take a peek on Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt’s Specification.
  • 1 GHz Quadcore Processor
  • 7-Inch 1280×800 IPS Display with 5 Multi-Touch points
  • 8 GB Internal Memory
  • MicroSD Card Slot up to 32 GB
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Wifi
  • MicroUSB
  • Mini HDMI
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt and the Nexus 7
The 7-inch IPS display of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has a resolution of 1280×800. The display is pretty much similar to the one that can be found on the Nexus 7 but the bezel on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is much smaller. The front camera of the tablet is also placed for landscape mode. Oh and before I forgot, there’s a 2 MP camera on the back for your Instagram needs. And speaking of the back of the tablet, it has a pretty nice texture on the back. 
The Quad-Core processor inside the tablet may not be the best in the market but it is already enough to have a smooth web browsing and play the some decent 3D games on the tablet. I notice some lags but I think a software update can fix that. We’ll put the Quad-Core processor of the Cherry Mobile Fusion on a test in our review soon. If you feel like watching your favorite 1080p movie on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Tablet then you can hook it up on your HDTV using your Mini HDMI. The battery of the tablet is rated at 4000 mAh and I think that’s already enough for a 7-inch tablet. 
This is not the best quad-core tablet in terms of performance but can you mention any tablet that has a Quad-Core processor and IPS 1280×800 display that is below P5,000? Oh and before I forgot. The Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is powered by Jelly Bean.
The Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt will be available on March 2013 for P3,999. They’ll be releasing a 8-inch and a 10-inch version of the tablet soon so watch out for that.  

Catch my review of this tablet soon at JAM Online!

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