The Cherry Mobile Magnum S is just one of the few available Octa-Core smartphones in the market. It’s not the cheapest Octa-core smartphone in the market but it got some features that you’ll like. To know more about its feature, just read the review below.
Design and Construction
First things first folks. Cherry Mobile Magnum S has a faux-metal body and the back isn’t removable so don’t expect a removable battery and unfortunately, there’s no MicroSD card slot. The design of the Cherry Mobile Magnum S looks simple at the front but at the back, you’ll see its brushed metal back. A fauxed-metal one. It feels good, looks good and makes the phone more premium. The curves at the back and the flat sides makes the phone easier to hold too.

One thing I noticed iimmediately in this phone is its weight. The Cherry Mobile Magnum S is freakin light. It isn’t light compared to the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 but the Cherry Mobile Magnum S is pretty light for its size. This smartphone has Dual Sim slots and it supports two sizes – mini sim and micro sim however, only the mini sim supports 3G.

Like what I’ve said before, this phone doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot that’s why you can only rely on the 16GB internal storage of the smartphone. But don’t worry folks, you can save your files on your USB because this smartphone supports USB OTG. The speaker grill of the phone is placed below the logo of the phone at the back and I can say that the audio quality of the Cherry Mobile Magnum S is pretty good. It’s clear, crisp and it’s quite loud.


There’s a 5” HD display on this device and it is protected by Gorila Glass 3. Despite having  only an HD display, the Cherry Mobile Magnum S has a great display. The colors were good and the watching videos on it was pretty good.  You won’t have a problem when you’re outside too because the display has a pretty good outside visibility under bright sunlight.
Operating system and performance

The Cherry Mobile Magnum S is running on Android 4.4 Kitkat and one thing that I like in this phone is its stock launcher which is very fast and the transitions were very smooth but there’s one thing that I hate in every Cherry Mobile Android smartphones – the start launcher. I never liked it because it makes the phone slower to wake up and it takes more memory that’s why I always disable it. And just like the other Cherry Mobile smartphones, you can’t uninstall that on the Cherry Mobile Magnum S.
This smartphone is one of the best that I’ve tried in the local market when it comes to gaming. It is powered by a 1.7GHz Octa-Core MT6592 processor and there’s a 1GB of RAM. That 1GB of RAM might not be pleasing to our ears when we hear it but the Cherry Mobile Magnum S is pretty good at gaming. Actually, this smartphone got a score of 30862 at Antutu 5.

Gaming performance

I’ve tried different games on this smartphone and all of them works and runs pretty great. If you’re playing not-so-heavy games like NBA 2k14 and Dead Trigger 2, you won’t have any problem. I’ve tried Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and I was surprised to know the frame rates were pretty good on it despite having almost max settings on it. Yeah, this smartphone could play almost all games that you want. Modern Combat 4 works pretty well too.
The Cherry Mobile Magnum S doesn’t have a removable battery but don’t worry, the battery life was pretty good. This smartphone lasts up to a day of average use on me. Oh heavy use, this smartphone could probably last up to half a day.

One special feature of the Cherry Mobile Magnum S is the front facing flash. That feature is great for people who are always taking a selfie. The 8 Megapixel front facing camera is just okay for taking photos and yes, the front facing flash really helps in taking better selfies at low light conditions.

At the back, you got an 18 Megapixel camera with Dual LED flash. Don’t get fooled with numbers because a larger megapixel count doesn’t mean that the camera is better. Just like its other Cherry Mobile Smartphone brothers with interpolated camera, I notice photos tend be noisier but this smartphone could capture better images. Its camera is not the best but at its price range, It’s just okay.

The Cherry Mobile Magnum S isn’t the best smartphone in its price range but this smartphone got some features that others doesn’t have like the front facing flash for selfies. The display and gaming performance of this smartphone are pretty great too. If you can live without the MicroSD card slot, Cherry Mobile Magnum S is now avaialable for P9,999.



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