Cherry Mobile Me is the company’s latest smartphone that allows you to customize the back cover. You could create your own design or you could choose the designs made by Cherry Mobile and no, this smartphone doesn’t come with a price. Actually, this smartphone is priced below P4,000. Check out my review below.


Before we proceed to the review, let’s talk about how you can get a customized back cover for your smartphone. There’s a card included in the box in where it will give you a code that you could redeem at www.cherrymobile.com.ph/personalize_me. And there, you could create your customized back cover for free however, you’ll have to pay for the shipping fee which will cost you P59 if you’re within Metro Manila, and P99 for provincial area.

Construction and design

This device is very similar to the Cherry Mobile Alpha Style but this one is powered by Android. The smartphone is purely made up of plastic, and the original back cover is a bit thicker than the one that you can customized and it is harder to remove from the phone.

If you’ve ordered a customized printed back cover, you might notice the sides too messy just like the one below:

Since the smartphone only have a 4-inch display, the dimensions of the smartphone isn’t really big. The curvature of the laptop was quite good and the smartphone was very light too which makes the phone very comfortable to hold.


There’s a dual sim card slot on this device and there’s only a 4GB of storage that’s why it’ll be better if you’ll get a MicroSD card for apps and media files. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t support OTG. The audio quality isn’t really that loud and sometimes, I couldn’t hear my notifications



There’s a 4-inch WVGA display on the Cherry Mobile Me and I was a little bit surprised with its display because It looks pretty well although I notice that the display is a little bit bluish but for a smartphone at PhP3,000, it’s quite okay. I didn’t had any problems when it comes to responsiveness. At direct sunlight, you could see most of it however, there is still too much glare on the display. But overall, I think the display of this smartphone is quite good for its price.


Cherry Mobile Me is powered by Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and there were no customizations on the phone but there are some preinstalled apps on the Cherry Mobile Me. Thanks to the Mediatek Quad-Core processor along with the 512MB of RAM of the device, the smartphone performs pretty well. Actually, the device is very smooth and fun to use.


At Antutu, I got a score of 16292 which is pretty good for a smartphone with a specifications like this. I didn’t had any problems with games however, the 4GB of internal storage won’t be enough for larger games. Some heavy games would run on this device however, you might not fully enjoy it because demanding games like GTA:SA wouldn’t run at max settings.

Battery life

There’s a 1500mAh battery on the Cherry Mobile Me. If you’re a heavy user, the smartphone wouldn’t probably last a day so I really recommend you guys to get a power bank or bring your charger with you all the time.



Cherry Mobile Me got an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash but unfortunately, the camera isn’t auto-focus that’s why you couldn’t do macro shots on this device. The camera can shoot fast and the color output weren’t washed out but again, you can’t focus on objects if you’re shooting at close objects. Overall, the lack of auto-focus on its camera is a big deal breaker for me.


You might be disappointed with the lack of auto-focus on the camera but this is the only smartphone that you could really personalize. The smartphone is super smooth and the performance was great too. If you want a smartphone that you could really customize, then you better get this one. Cherry Mobile Me is now available for PhP3,000


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