We are amazed on how the smartphone gets thinner every year and we know that Cherry Mobile has their slim smartphone that was introduced last year — the Cherry Mobile Razor and today, we’ll be reviewing the Cherry Mobile Razor 2. At 7mm thin and at 100g, the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is one of the lightest smartphone in the market. Unlike other smartphones with almost same dimensions, the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 doesn’t come pricey

Design and Construction

Unlike its predecessor, the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is purely made up of plastic which contributes to its lightweight design. This smartphone has a weight of 100g, you can barely feel its when it is in your pocket because it is very light. At the front, you get a very clean design and a 4.7” HD display along with the 3 capacitive buttons below. If you’re a first time Android user, you might find it difficult to get used to it because the icons are just dots and circle.

At the back, the rear cover is now plastic and it has a metallic design at the back which is awesome however the rear cover is a fingerprint magnet. Since the smartphone is thinner, I expected that the phone would have thinner buttons too and I was right. The thin buttons of the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 feels like it will get stuck once I press it, that’s why I’m always careful whenever I click it.

There’s a dual-sim card slot on the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 and both of them supports Micro sim only but only one of them supports 3G. The storage of the phone is 4GB but you can install applications on the MicroSD card if you feel that the 4GB storage isn’t enough. Unfortunately, if you love watching movies or getting your media files from your flash drives, there’s no USB OTG on the Cherry Mobile Razor 2. Since the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is very thin, the audio of the phone isn’t that loud. I already expected that but sometimes, the Cherry Mobile Razor 2’s speaker isn’t that loud and sometimes, I barely notice the phone was ringing.


There’s a 4.7” HD IPS display with Dragontrail Glass. There’s a thin bezels on this smartphone and the display feels just right for me. The display looks like it’s OGS too but it’s not. The colors of the display looks good to me but not perfect. The outdoor visibility of the smartphone is good too. The display is responsive and there are 5 multi-touch points which most gamers are looking for.

Software and Performance
Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is running on Android 4.3 and there’s no word regarding an update for the Android 4.4 Kitkat. Just like other Cherry Mobile Smartphones, there’s the Start lock screen I find annoying. But don’t worry, If you don’t like the Start lock screen, you could disable it, however, you can’t uninstall that application. Thankfully, the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 didn’t have too much UI changes. Actually, the transitions and animations are fast and responsive and there aren’t too much added features on the Cherry Mobile Razor 2. I always prefer a smartphone that has no tweaks because it tend to be faster and more buttery smooth.

The Cherry Mobile Razor 2 got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor with Adreno 305 GPU. It is not the most powerful processor in the market but it is commonly found on mid-range smartphones. The Cherry Mobile Razor 2 got a score of 16006 on Antutu which isn’t that bad for its specifications however, on our gaming test, the NBA 2k14 work pretty well while Edge of tomorrow is playable however, it is not that smooth. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can also be run on this device however, it must be set to the lowest settings in order to play that game at enjoyable frame rates.

Battery life

The Cherry Mobile Razor 2’s thin and light body might be attractive but that design comes with a compromise. Since the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is thin and light, the battery of the smartphone is also small at 1780mAh. This smartphone cannot last up to a day of average use and if you’re a heavy user, I doubt that it can reach up to half a day of use. If you’re getting this smartphone, better get a powerbank too or just bring the charger always with you.


This smartphone got a 12 Megapixel rear camera with LED flash and as I expected, the camera performance of the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 wasn’t that really good. Most of the shots that I took are pinkish and most of them weren’t really sharp despite shooting outside. However, the front facing camera can capture images with more decent colors and it is sharper than most front facing cameras at its price range although I notice that sometimes, despite having decent amount of light, the images are soft and noisy. Check out the images that I took using the Cherry Mobile Razor 2.

One funny thing that happened to me with the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 was I lost it in our couch. How? since the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is very light and thin, I didn’t realize that it was in my pocket and it slip out in my pocket while I was sitting in our couch. I found it 1 week later.

The Cherry Mobile Razor 2 is definitely one of the slimmest Android smartphone around. The P6,500 price tag is also affordable too however, there are some smartphones that are more powerful than the Cherry Mobile Razor 2 at that price range like the ASUS Zenfone 5 but at P6,500 price range, no one can match the light weight and slim design of the Cherry Mobile Razor 2.


  1. i’ve waited so long for that unit to be released and when i was about to buy the unit 3 weeks ago i noticed that the camera took 4 seconds to shoot a single picture and i got dismayed and ended up purchasing the cloudfone thrill 450q ’cause it was on sale(4.5k)…

  2. . Kuya JAM Ask Ko lang Po ung ibang Games Po bah LIKE MC4, DEAD TRIGGER 2, NFS, ASPHALT 8. OK Po kya ung Performance Nyan dito sa RAZOR 2? nagDadalawang Isip pa Po kasi AKO kung Bibilhin Ko na Sya, Need Ko pa Po kasi ng More Info about Gaming Review Nitong RAZOR 2 . Thanks 😀

  3. Currently using razor 2. My phone turns off automatically tried to charge it using different chargers to check if I am having prob with my batteries but no because tried to use my pc to charge it nothing happen it didn’t recognize even my phone. Need to go to their store today to take it check what is the cost.


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