One of the leading e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, Shopee conducted a survey from more than 3,000 Filipinos – which resulted to 4 types of online shoppers and their motivations for shopping online. 

VALUE came out to be the most important factor for online shoppers, with 42% of respondents, says, best deals and prices are their main driving force. Data consists of majority of female at 71% between 18 to 34 years of age. 


The four key types of Filipino online shoppers: 

  1. The Sulit Shopper – Decisive shoppers who hunt for the best deals

Taking the lead comprises of the Sulit buyers at 42%. These types of buyers spend a lot of time in research on the products that they have been eyeing on. Best deals and prices are the main key factors before making an online purchase. 

Key characteristics: 

Decisive buying: 66% browse a maximum of just five items before making a purchase

Deals seeking: 62% don’t typically plan purchases in advance—they shop whenever they see big discounts on products they’re eyeing

Regular shopping: Half of them buy something online at least twice a month

  1. The Shop-and-Go Consumer – Shoppers who enjoy the convenience of delivery to their doorstep

    17% of the respondents’ main draw is convenience. In this time of pandemic, one of the easy and safe way to shop is through online. More than half of the respondents are 30 years old – who knows what they want to buy and do not necessary spend extra time on the app. 

Key characteristics:

Quick decision-making: 64% browse through a maximum of five listings before they find what they’re looking for 

Proactive shopping: Almost one in two do their own research on products by either searching online or chatting with sellers

Frequent shopping: 45% shop online twice a month on average, making them one of the most frequent purchasers

  1. The Budol Shopper – Window Shoppers who can also be spontaneous buyers

Third on the list at 14% are Budol Shopper who can also be referred to window shoppers who value variety and choice of products. These shoppers browse more items on average. 

Key characteristics:


Impulsive buying: 63% will buy an item because they felt like doing so at the moment

Frequent browsing: 27% of window shoppers usually browse up to 15 items before each purchase


  1. The Suki Buyer – Shoppers who have good eye for brands


12% of respondents are Suki buyers – those who have tried on brands and would make a repeat purchase because of the kind of service and/or product quality they have experienced. With these buyers, price is less of an issue.

Key characteristics:

Regular shopping from brands: 62% of them purchase from their favorite brands as frequently as twice a month

Brand familiarity: About 1 in 4 follow their favorite brands on social media in order to stay informed of latest product launches

This upcoming 7.7 Mid-Year Sale, Shopee continues to offer non-stop deals and discounts. The convenience and perks of online shopping like cashless transactions, free shipping, and cashbacks are just some of what customers can get and enjoy. 

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “The mid-year shopping season is an exciting time for Shopee. As more Filipinos go online to fulfill their shopping needs, we are also seeing more diverse preferences and shopping habits emerge. This is why we consistently listen to our users’ feedback and improve our features, services, and products to serve their  needs. Our 7.7 Mid-Year Sale is no different and comes packed with highlights such as the Payday Sale, ShopeePay Day, and other exciting promotions to deliver more value, variety, and fun to all shoppers.”

Different deals and brand day awaits starting end week of June, leading to the 7.7 Mid-year main event.


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