Digital Walker and Marshall recently hosted an electrifying trivia night filled with music, games and a showcase of the latest Marshall Home Line III series.

The event, held at the trendy Your Local bistro in Makati, brought together music enthusiasts, influencers, and members of the tech media for an unforgettable evening of entertainment and the chance to experience the power and quality of Marshall’s new home speakers.

A Night of Music, Trivia, and Fun

The atmosphere at the #DigitalWalkerxMarshallPH #DWPopQuiz was buzzing as attendees prepared for an exciting trivia challenge. Inspired by the blockbuster movie “Speed,” the trivia night featured adrenaline-pumping music questions, covering a wide range of topics from music history to completing song lyrics. The event brought together influencers, tech media personalities, and musicians for an unforgettable night of friendly competition.

Unveiling the Marshall Home Line III Series

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of Marshall Home Line III series, consisting of the Acton III, Stanmore III, and Woburn III home speakers. These powerful speakers promised to bring the big-stage experience right into the comfort of one’s home. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the magic of these speakers firsthand and immerse themselves in the captivating sound quality they delivered.

Exciting Activities and Prizes

The night kicked off with a playlist-sharing contest, where guests had the chance to win exclusive 60th-anniversary merchandise from Marshall. Lionell Go Macahilig of Manila Bulletin emerged victorious with his playlist, “Ang Huling El Bimbo.” The “Never Stop Listening” freedom wall allowed guests to share their thoughts, with Macahilig and Pinoy Metro Geek Ian Fuentes again taking home prizes.

Jac Davies, the brand manager for Marshall at Digits Trading Corporation, took the stage to highlight the features of the Home Line III series. One standout feature was the Night Mode of the Woburn III, which intelligently balanced the volume when connected to a television via HDMI, ensuring a pleasant viewing experience without disturbing others.

The Ultimate Pop Quiz Battle

The night’s main event was the highly anticipated Pop Quiz, where six teams competed for the DW Pop Quiz Champions title. The teams faced challenging questions from categories such as Gear Here (Marshall-related trivia), Music IQ (general music knowledge), Guess the Hit (song identification), Name the Legend (singer identification), and What’s the Line (lyric completion). The team of Raffy Pedrajita, Jam Ancheta, Ian Fuentes, Ataska, and Astrid emerged victorious, showcasing their impressive knowledge of Led Zeppelin, Woodstock, Jon Bon Jovi, and the Home Line III.

Unleash the Power of Marshall Home Line III

Marshall’s Home Line III series boasts re-engineered speakers that provide a wider stereo soundstage, offering an immersive listening experience. These speakers combine six decades of sound expertise with iconic design, resulting in a visually striking and powerful audio solution. The speakers deliver balanced sound, with crisp trebles and controlled bass, thanks to their strategically angled tweeters and updated waveguides.

Introducing the Lineup
  • Acton III: The compact yet powerful Acton III offers room-filling Marshall signature sound. Despite its small size, it provides a wider soundstage and comes in three stylish colors: black, cream, and brown.
  • Stanmore III: With its even wider soundstage, the Stanmore III brings the expansive Marshall sound to any room. It features an updated, cleaner look while maintaining its unmistakable Marshall aesthetic. The Stanmore III is available in three classic finishes: black, cream, and brown.
  • Woburn III: The Woburn III is the powerhouse of the Home Line III series. Re-engineered with a new three-way driver system, it delivers greater clarity and depth, making it perfect for both home audio and as a TV speaker. The Woburn III offers Dynamic Loudness, which adjusts the tonal balance to ensure the best audio experience. It is available in elegant black or cream.

Marshall Home Line III Series Specifications and Pricing
  • Acton III

Dimensions: 260 x 170 x 150 mm / 10.24 x 6.69 x 5.91 in
Weight: 2.85 KG / 6.28 LB
Colorways: Black, Cream, Brown
Power Amplifiers: One 30 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer, Two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters
Max SPL: 95 dB @ 1 m
Frequency Range: 45–20,000 Hz
Price: Php18,990

  • Stanmore III

Dimensions: 350 x 203 x 188 mm / 13.78 x 8.00 x 7.40 in
Weight: 4.25 KG / 9.37 LB
Colorways: Black, Cream, Brown
Power Amplifiers: One 50 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer, Two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters
Max SPL: 97 dB @ 1 m
Frequency Range: 45–20,000 Hz
Price: Php25,990

  • Woburn III

Dimensions: 400 x 317 x 203 mm / 15.75 x 12.48 x 7.99 in
Weight: 7.45 KG / 16.42 LB
Colorways: Black, Cream
Power Amplifiers: One 90 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer, Two 15W Class D amplifiers for the mids, Two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters
Max SPL: 100.5 dB @ 1 m
Frequency Range: 35–20,000 Hz
Price: Php39,990

Never Stop Listening with Marshall

In partnership with Marshall, Digital Walker is proud to offer the Acton III, Stanmore III, and Woburn III speakers. These exceptional home audio solutions are now available at Digital Walker retail stores nationwide, on the official website and online stores such as Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.

Customers can also enjoy a special promo that grants a Php500 discount on the Marshall Home Line III series using unique promo codes for a limited time.


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