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DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid Plus Review + DTC Mobile Summer phones Giveaway

Android phones are really affordable these days. One of those affordable Android phones is the DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid Plus. This is certainly not the cheapest Android phone but it really does look cute. I really like the colors of the phone. It’s so vivid and the phone really feels young. So what can we expect on the phone? How does it fare in JAM Online’s test? Check it out after the break.


The phone is made up of pure plastic. The back packs a glossy design that is pleasing to the eye but at the same time, it attracts a lot of fingerprints. It’s really annoying whenever I see a smudge on the back cover but the back cover design is clean and sexy. It somehow reminds me of the HTC One X.

The display packs the same screen size of the iPhone 4s. It’s a 3.5” display but this one has a HVGA resolution only. That’s 320 x 480 pixels to save you from searching it at Google. It’s not that bad but you’ll notice that you’ll crave for a 800 x 480 display when you’re browsing the web.

I was a bit disappointed not to see a 3G on the phone, instead the phone can connect using GPRS. But don’t frown yet because the DTC Mobile GT3 Astroid Plus has Wi-Fi. So yeah, you could use that to browse your Facebook or twitter. And download your favorite apps and games on Play Store.

The  phone doesn’t have a large storage. The phone only has a 130 MB of storage and only 30 MB of that can be used so I really suggest that you get a MicroSD card for this one since you can’t take photos on the phone without that. You also might have problems because some apps and games will require you a large internal storage. The battery of the phone is juiced at 1500mAh that can last up to less than a day. The battery is quite short for me especially when using dual-sim. You must always bring a charger with this one.

The sound quality is neither the greatest nor the worst. The sound quality feels just right. But of course it would be better to listen to your favorite playlist when you have a MicroSD card. The internal storage is too small for your playlist and like what I’ve said, I really recommend you to buy a MicroSD card when you have this phone. The phone has dual-sim that you can use at the same time but unfortunately, there’s no 3G inside so you should really stick on the Wi-Fi.


The DTC mobile GT5 Astroid Plus comes with a 2.0 MP rear camera. Unfortunately there’s no front camera and there’s no LED flash on the back. But c’mon guys! This is just an affordable Android smartphone from DTC Mobile. One thing that I noticed about the camera is that the camera can shoot fast. When you’re in a well lit environment, I believe that you can have fine quality images but you’ll have a problem if there is not sufficient lighting. Here take a look at some of my shots:

The DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid plus could also shoot 864 x 480 videos. I notice that the frame rates weren’t that good but at least it can record videos. I also notice a lot of particles and the jellow-y of videos. Take a look at my video sample:


The DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid Plus is a bit late at Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Some of the apps on the Play store will require you an Android 4.0 like Google Chrome. Speaking of apps, there’s Play Store in where you can download almost everything that you need. There aren’t that much pre-installed apps on the phone (There’s Angry birds! Yehey!) but there’s one thing I really like about it. The UI, widgets and everything are very clean and young-looking. Oh and you can even change the whole theme of your phone. Too bad you can’t download new themes.

The 1 GHz single core processor is already enough to play your favorite and not so demanding games. Don’t worry games like angry birds and Temple Run 2 will work on the device. Oh and don’t install too much games because the phone only has a small storage.  I tested the phone on Antutu and I got the score of 5157, the score that I expected on the phone.


It’s not the cheapest Android smartphone but for its price and looks, I think this is worth the price. I really like the design of the phone, maybe it’s the color and its simplicity. The DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid is available in Black and Red so why don’t you check out the nearest DTC Mobile Kiosks and get one now. It’s available for P2,999.

But of course, some people just want the phone for free so we’re raffling one away! Thanks to our friends at DTC Mobile.  Yeah, I know. We love giveaways. We’ll be raffling of a DTC Mobile GQ6, DTC Mobile GE3 and of course, the DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid Plus. But before that, Check out the reviews of those phones.

  • Valid only for residents in the Philippines.
  • All entries must be done through the Rafflecopter below.
  • The winner will be notified via Facebook/Email/Twitter.
  • You can join the giveaway which will start today, May 26 2013 and it will end at June 15 2013.
  • There will be three draws: 
    • First Draw: June 1, 2013 – Prize: DTC Mobile GQ6
    • Second Draw: June 8, 2013 – Prize: DTC Mobile GE3
    • Grand Draw: June 15, 2013 – Prize: DTC Mobile GT5 Astroid Plus
  • The winners will be announce live at the Big Time Show

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to DTC Mobile Philippines for sponsoring the Giveaway!

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