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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Review (Mac)

HELL YEAH! We have weird names

Gameloft has been known for making games at the mobile industry but this time, they released a game which is exclusive to PS3, PS Vita and OS X only. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is a hack-and-slash game  with multiplayer mode in where you can play with 3 more players. The one that we played on is the Mac OS X version. If you want to get one too, you can get it at the Mac App store for $14.99. Review after the break

We like to carry those stone blocks

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance start off in a tomb on where you were resurrected (And yes, you’re the old king who died a long time ago) to save the kingdom from the forces of evil. The gameplay is kinda nice and very addictive especially when I’m connected online or just playing with my bro and cousin. I played this game with my cousin and brother almost everyday with 2 USB controllers connected to my Macbook Pro. And we just do this setup everyday:

The first thing that I liked about the game is that it is very newbie-friendly. The controls you’ll need were few but I was disappointed to see that you can only map 3 skills. Anyway, the gameplay isn’t bad and it was kinda fun and addictive. The quest aren’t that hard and the AI are not too stupid. From the name itself, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, the game will be more enjoyable and fun when you’re playing with your friends and of course, the quests and bosses will be easier to finished if you’re playing together.

You can finish your quests together w/ your friends. As long as you have the same main quests

You’ll get to choose from 3 characters — a melee type, a magic type and the assassin that can use a dual dagger and a bow. The are a lot of enemies and dungeons that you’ll need to finish (As of this posting, we haven’t finished the game yet). You can use normal attacks, magic and fairies. At the start of the game you’ll just have 1 fairy but as you go on with the game, you’ll get more of them. Each fairy has its own ability. I can’t tell most

And again, we carry those blocks

The graphics of the game wasn’t that great. It doesn’t suck either. Just what I expected from a game ported from PS Vita and PS Network. The lightings were good, the skill effects were a bit awesome which makes the game more cooler. The details and objects in the environment was good too. The thing that I don’t like here is that the game lacks Anti-Aliasing adjusting, the only thing that you can adjust is the resolution.

Two dumbs.

All in all, for $14.99 I think this game should be in your “must-buy list” especially if you’re a big fan of hack & slash games like Diablo. Now, who says Mac can’t do gaming?

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