Timezone launched its new and supercharged Timezone Fun app, allowing you to have hassle-free fun when reloading your Powercard.

Get ready for non-stop fun and convenient Powercard reloads with the Timezone Fun app

Now, picture this: you’re having a blast in Timezone, enjoying all the games and attractions. Suddenly, you realize your Powercard needs a recharge. No need to fret! Simply grab your smartphone, download the Timezone Fun App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and get ready to experience a new level of convenience.

With just a few taps on your screen, you can easily reload your Powercard anytime, anywhere. No more waiting in lines or dealing with the hassle. It’s all about making your Timezone adventure as smooth as possible.

timezone fun app launch

The app has exciting features that will enhance your Timezone experience. Access exclusive deals, rewards, and even the chance to win fantastic prizes. It’s like having a personal amusement park right in your pocket!

New users are in for a treat!

When you download the Timezone Fun App and register your Powercard, you’ll receive an exclusive Php100 Powerload voucher. Consider it a warm welcome to the world of hassle-free entertainment.

Reloading your Powercard through the app is a breeze. Simply link your Powercard to your account, choose the desired reload amount, and click “Reload.” It’s that simple! Plus, until June 30, 2023, you’ll receive a bonus load when you reload your Timezone Powercard using the app. It’s like getting an extra dose of excitement with every reload.

With over 2 million active players in the Philippines, Timezone is the go-to destination for non-stop fun. Since its launch in November 2022, the app has already been embraced by more than 130,000 users across the country.

So, come and join the party! Download the Timezone Fun App now here.


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