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Facebook Messenger to get HD photo sharing, larger file sharing and more!

Facebook will be rolling out numerous new features for Messenger including HD photo sharing, creating shared albums, and easier ways to add new connections via QR codes.

High-Definition Photo Sharing

One of the new features is the ability to send high-resolution photos in Messenger chats. Users can toggle on an “HD” option when selecting photos to send for improved image quality. This would make photos looking better and crisper.

Shared Media Albums

Messenger is also gaining shared photo/video albums that can be created and updated by multiple participants in a group chat. Users can start a new album, name it, and anyone in the chat can add, remove, download, or reminisce over the included media content. The albums will live persistently attached to each group chat.

QR Code Contact Sharing

Adding new contacts on Messenger is getting much easier with scannable QR codes. Users can access their personal QR code in settings and share it via a link to start a new chat thread with someone by having them scan the code.

Larger File Sharing

Lastly, Messenger is dramatically increasing the allowed file size for transfers up to 100MB directly from mobile devices. All major file formats like PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets and more can be sent this way without resorting to email or other apps.

The updates start rolling out to Messenger users over the next few weeks.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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