Aside from Symbian (which is from Nokia), There are also some cool OS for Cellphones. One of them is Windows Mobile. The only thing that I hate in Windows Mobile is that they don’t support .jar files, you need a Java emulator just to use java applications.

Things that you need:
1.Opera Mini
2.Java Emulator
3.Globe INET must be activated

Start > Settings > Connections tab > Connections
Advanced tab > Select Networks > New >

ISP Name: Any name will do (I used “MyGlobe iNET”)

Click OK (upper right-hand corner)

Modem tab > New (Use the name you put in the ISP Name)

Select a modem > Select “Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)”

Click Next (Type in the access point name:

Username = leave as blank
Password = leave as blank
Domain = leave as blank

Click Finish

Proxy Settings tab > put a checkmark in the box for “This network connects to the internet”

Click OK (upper right-hand corner)

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