What to expect in gameclub games this month?, Well they have prepared a lot for you guys like events, new items and more!. Check out read more for more info 

For Special Force online

          New Guns:

   Engraving AK 74 rifle features a very intricate exterior design from the original AK-74 with improved durability.  This rifle has a telescopic sight and trigger that is covered in an engraving design. This weapon is only available in Weapon Lotto.

   Tiger Galil is created with a tiger pattern on the body of the original Galil. Using all the equipments in the Tiger Package, you will experience more power and strength with this rifle. This weapon is only available in Tiger Package

          New Items:

   Tiger Package (7 & 30 days): White Tiger Galoshes, White Tiger Gloves, White Tiger Cap, White Tiger Lucky Bag.

   3 Spray items (Love, Force Recon and Tiger)

Big Spender Promo

          This promo is open to all SF players.  All they need to do is to top up a minimum of 500 Ecoins from Feb 17 – Feb 28, 2010 and they can get one of the rare guns EVL_Sig551 for 30 days.  Qualified participants will be inserted with the weapon on March 9, 2010. Per DTI NCR Permit No. 1323 Series of 2010.

SF Women’s League

o   SF Girl Power! This tournament is created to boost the female player population in Special Force. This will also be a venue for them to shine amongst this male dominated game. Registration on Feb 26 – March 5, 2010.


Special Force World Championship 3 – National Tournament

o   SF Nation! This is the biggest FPS tournament for Special Force this 2010. There are 256 teams that will battle it out online against each other and fight for four (4) slots in the SFWC finals. The other four remaining slots will come from the (1) Slot for SF Clash of the Regions Champion, (1) Slot for SF Women’s League Champion, (1) Slot for SF Battle Royale Tournament Champion and (1) Slot for MouseHole Team (Champion for SFWC 2). Registration on 

New items new guns, tournaments and more!!. SF players, get the latest items now!.

For iDate:

Gameclub finanlly opened iDate commercially. Oh and check out their press release:

Gameclub’s latest game, iDate, has officially opened its online dance floors and dating rooms commercially.  February 2010 is more love-filled as it is the month when iDate starts to infect the nation with the dance-romance virus.

Once iDate has started to get us all into a shindig, it will make sure it won’t stop through its line-up of groove-stuffed events.  First on the list is the Groove Challenge where a player can go head-to-head with no less than an iDate Game Master.  The game gets merrier as the days pass because of guaranteed increase in the number of players through the Asus Registration Promo – just register and get a chance to win an Asus Mini Note!  iDate will make sure players sharpen their skills and have a shot at a more fanciful and romantic date when they race to reach level 20 for a chance to win cash prizes in the “Pang-Date Mo, Sagot ng iDate” Promo.  And lastly, for those players who are nominated as Mr. And Ms. Popular in the game, gets the chance to be “Calendar Cover of the Month” and is included in iDate’s  2011 Calendar.

iDate is a game that serves not only as entertainment, but somehow also as a means to access a  true-blue romance.  In line with this, iDate came up with a promo where the players can also proactively blog their true to life experience in this dating game called: “What’s Your iDate Love Story?” For those with no stories?  They can “Report a Bug” and “Post their status on Facebook” to win a prize and play a part in having a seamless online experience with iDate.

These are just few of the things that make iDate more than just a game.  More surprises, aside from the Item Lotto, 8-key mode and Clan Battle are waiting all those who play this game.  There’s nothing to lose and all to gain if you groove your way into love! www.idate.ph

Just register and a chance to win a laptop?. Register now and you may be the winner of Asus laptop!

For Crossfire:
Zombie invades Crossfire Philippines!. Gameclub brings you the Zombie mode in Crossfire!. And here is a part of their press release:

New Game Play!

                As Zombies, players will experience a totally new style of play with intuitive features with the Zombie “Evolution” and “Skill” system. Play as the “Reaper”, a crimson red high-speed bringer of death infused with razor sharp blades made of nano-machines or plow your way through a barrage of bullets with the unmovable body of the “Hulk” zombie strain. Each Zombie strain can evolve during matches by infecting soldiers or consuming fallen zombies to unlock skills, get higher HP and take on a more monstrous appearance. Eye-witness accounts have mentioned more Zombie types aside from the “Hulk” and Reaper” strains, it is only a matter time before the mercenary soldiers encounter these unidentified zombie strain carriers.

                As soldiers, players will get more ammo in Zombie Mode matches for all weapon types except machine guns. They will be able to give each other a boost jump to higher places where they can shoot zombies while staying away from their hit range. A new “supply crate” system is also introduced where the latest high-power firearms are dropped via supply choppers during the course of the battle at random. Soldiers will be able to take a sneak peak at the following unreleased weapons (Mini Vulcan, Dual Colt, and Dual Uzi among other weapons.) The action never stops with all the guns raining from above and zombies chasing you down.

For Twelve Sky 2:

Here is Gameclub’s press release about Twelve Sky 2

1.       Merging of Bloodlust and Tempest servers

a.       The birth of Stronghold server

                                                               i.      February 4th marks the birth of new world in TwelveSky 2.

1.       “From the combined might of two realms a new world arises! Behold STRONGHOLD server. The merged dominion of Bloodlust and Tempest…”

                                                             ii.      Thousands of eager players went online after impatiently waiting for 12 hours from 12:00 midnight to 12:00 noon of that Thursday. It was really worth the wait as Bloodlust and Tempest players came face to face to greet, chat, duel, trash talk, and campaign for the next clan leader elections. PVP is what these players came for and PVP is what has been given them. Clashes immediately erupted between warring clans as soon as the announcement for Dragon Fall Outpost war was aired. Apocalypse on the other hand carried on, waiting which among the clans of Stronghold will dominate.

                                                            iii.      The players can’t seem to get enough of this game as they really spent time online doing PVP battles, town raids, quests, and elite hunting. TwelveSky 2 is a true MMORPG game, where real gamers play with real gamers (no BOTs).


1.       Lunar new year sale

a.        Up to  80% discount was given to players for the hot items of TwelveSky 2 last February 4. Players went for a shopping spree as items they normally purchase just went unbelievably low. Top sellers that are now selling in super low prices are Imperial Edict (access to exclusive maps) from P50 now at P20, Kirin Scale (prevents item breakage  when reinforce fails) from P120 now P50, Guardian Edict (prevents loosing xp on death) from P30 now P5, and more. Who knows, these items may go on sale forever.


1.       House wars

a.       Weekly event wherein houses (guilds) can get a chance to prove their might in team PVP battles. The Tournament is categorized into two – Supremacy (for high levels) and Shadow (for low to mid levels).

2.       Preach & leech

a.       An event that rewards Adept level players for helping out newbies. Adepts or masters will have to invite a low level player to be his/her apprentice. The master will earn merit points every time the apprentice kills a mob and/or levels up. Merit points in turn can be exchanged for awesome rare and elite items. Helping out newbies has never been this rewarding.

3.       Weekday warrior

a.       For the benefit of players who are on their way to being Adepts, this event will surely boost progression time. This event is about opening the gates of exclusive maps at a price to all aspiring players to level faster. Because inside these maps are high EXP rates, pet EXP, and drop chance rates. It’s the best way to get to Adept 33 level. Available only during weekdays from 2PM to 9AM of the following day.

4.       Party weekend blast

a.       This event is for weekend players. Get triple EXP again if you kill mobs while in a party (maximum of 5). It benefits all the members of the hunt party, not only in EXP but also pet EXP, and increased drop chance rates. Runs from Friday until Sunday. Time to press on the “Adik” mode weekend.

Community feature

1.       Clan elections concluded

a.       The February elections have just been concluded last February 11. Leaders are now in full mode of leading his/her members to victory over the Outpost wars and Holy Stone Battles. It’s a challenging job to manage thousands of members in a clan – providing assistance, organizing members, formulating battle strategies, fortifying city defences, and managing finances. The future of a clan lies in the hands of clan leaders. The TwelveSky 2 world are occupied by 4 warring clans – Imperial Dragon, Royal Snake, Fierce Tiger, and the Ancient Sky.

b.      Election results (Clan Leader elects)

                                                               i.      Apocalypse

1.       Noghaltz (Dragon)

2.       RedEther (Snake)

3.       Netori (Tiger)

4.       aErOn14 (Sky)

                                                             ii.      Stronghold

1.       YstufeedOh (Dragon)

2.       Baron (Snake)

3.       AcA (Tiger)

4.       xXxMikELxXx(Sky)

For WoW:

Here is the patch notes for WoW:

Team Exp

           Time to party! Play with your friends and earn 10% more experience when killing monsters. A minimum requirement of 3 members in a team will do all the Exp party, but see to it that members are within close range.

Large Gems

          Love upgrading your armors, weapons and mounts to +7 or more? Be in love with the increased drop rate for Large Rubies and Large Emeralds this month!             

100 Man Raid Dungeon

          Raiding like never before! Get ready for some action as we take on a Massive PvE “100 Man Raid Dungeon” fighting 3 Super Giant Monsters. Gather your entire Guild and form alliances as you will need a big army to take down these monsters.

Valentines Greeting Cards

           Love is in the air this February. Express your emotions to players with Valentines Greeting Cards sold by Bookie in Stone City.

New Items

         New items in our Item Shop! Teach your pet new skills! Grab our Pet Skill Book (Defense) that increases the master’s defense. Love to PvP? Try the new Notoriety Pill (Big); decreases 300 points of your PK value.

New Lotto: Fortune Lotto

         Try your luck with the new Fortune Lotto now available in the Cash Item Shop. Get the chance to win any of the following items: Golden Magic Bead which gives a 50% chance to change your Blue gear to Gold with random attributes; Super Lucky Bag that permanently adds an extra page to your inventory; Lucky Heart Nine which is used to increase success rate by 20% when upgrading from +8 to +9; Silver Wolf a new mount which gives off a blue light when upgraded to +7 or more; 100% EXP Card that increases Exp Rate by 100% when killing monsters; 40 gold; 1 Large Emerald; 1 Large Ruby; Medium Emerald Bag containing 2 Medium Emeralds; Medium Ruby Bag containing 2 Medium Rubies.

Spider Catacomb

        More thrill and action awaits inside in the Spiders Catacomb. Located in Dai’s Field, SSC is one of the most perilous dungeons you and your friends can embark on.


If you want more news check out Gameclub’s site

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