Gameloft announced Gangstar: Miami Vindication 2 months ago. I downloaded the game one week after its released and unfortunately I didn’t wrote a review immediately because I am too busy. For those of you who didn’t know what Gangstar: Miami Vindication is all about, this game is just like Grand Theft Auto or any other crime game.

If you already played Gangstar 2: Kings of LA, you’ll probably notice that place is like a ghost town. Pedestrians & cars rarely spawn and almost all are luxury cars even the story wasn’t that great too. But in Gangstar 2, there are a lot of new features including the helicopter, swimming and a lot more. 
I find it difficult to use the helicopter at first because I didn’t know that I need to use the motion sensor for that, the accelerometer. When you are riding a motorcycle (There’s a motorcycle in the game called Yamasaki , Yamaha + Kawasaki. I prefer to use this one since this is the fastest motorcycle) and when you tilt the device, you can perform a wheelie.
I still haven’t finished the game yet but I really enjoy playing it, it’s like GTA: Vice city on your iPod. Yeah, Vice city cause GTA:VC was patterned from Miami too. I still prefer Grand theft auto: Chinatown wars but if you want some 3D crime game then go for Gangstar: Miami vindication for a price of $6.99 or just $7

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