Backed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has launched its newest Vios GR-S, allowing fans to enjoy a sporty sedan on the road.

Toyota shared that the new GR-S stands for Gazoo Racing Sport, guaranteeing that it can deliver a pro-like and sportier performance on the road.

The Vios GR-S flashes a new look, as it flaunts a striking exterior—thanks to its sporty front bumper and grille, aerokit, and spoiler.

Inside, it also showcases leather with red stitching on the wheel, shift lever and knob material, and suede/synthetic leather that has red stitching seat.


It also comes with 7 SRS airbags and clearance sonars for a safer drive. It is compatible with various smartphone apps, including Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Here’s the local pricing of the new Vios GR-S:

  • 1.5 GR-S White Pearl Crystal Shine – Php1,035,000
  • 1.5 GR-S Super Red V, Black 1 – Php1,020,000

Meanwhile, Toyota also updated its previous variants, gearing it up with the latest features.

Here’s the updated pricing of the Vios lineup:

  • 1.5 G CVT (White Pearl) – Php985,000 (from Php1,071,000)
  • 1.5 G M/T (White Pearl) – Php926,000 (from 1,012,000)
  • 1.5 G CVT – Php970,000 (from Php1,056,000)
  • 1.5 G M/T – Php911,000 (from Php997,000)
  • 1.3 E CVT – Php901,000 (from Php891,000)
  • 1.3 E M/T – Php851,000 (from Php 841,000)
  • 1.3 XLE CVT – Php851,000 (from Php841,000)
  • 1.3 XLE M/T – Php801,000 (from Php791,000)
  • 1.3 XE CVT (7 airbag) – Php808,000 (from Php753,000)
  • 1.3 XE CVT (3 airbag) – Php753,000 (from Php747,000)
  • 1.3 J M/T (7 airbag) – Php717,000 (from Php707,000)
  • 1.3 J M/T (3 airbag) – Php707,000 (from Php697,000)
  • 1.3 Base MT (7 airbag) – Php691,000 (from Php 681,000)
  • 1.3 Base MT (3 airbag) – Php681,000 (from Php671,000)

The new Toyota Vios GR-S is now available in the Philippines.


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