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Globe unveils Nano-Sim, First Network to get the next iPhone?

That’s the Postpaid Nano-Sim right there.

Did you know that there will be a sim that will be smaller than the regular sim or the micro-sim that we can find in the iPhone 4s or in the Galaxy S3. Yeah. It’s called the Nano-Sim and Globe just unveiled their Nano-Sim which is expected to be on the next iPhone. Basically, the Nano-Sim will be much more smaller compared to other sim and gives the chance for phone manufacturers to free up room inside mobile devices which will give way to more parts such as larger batteries, additional memory and a lotta more. Globe is expected to have their new Nano-Sims at Globe stores this September which gave us a clue that the next iPhone would be arriving this September and there are rumors that our country might be part of the first batch of iPhone 5. Pretty exciting isn’t it? The next iPhone is expected to be announced this September 12 at San Francisco (September 13 at dawn in the Philippines)

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