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Google+ First Impressions

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Google+ was recently been launched to a limited number of people and fortunately, I got an invite (thanks Technobaboy!).  Obviously, Google+ was influenced by the king of social network, Facebook. This one looks like Facebook but Google+ has a cleaner UI and effects but Google+ needs to improve more in order to catch up with Facebook
Anyway here’s my first impressions with Google+
  • Google+ has a cleaner and minimalistic UI compared to Facebook. After seeing Google+, the first thing came to my mind is Facebook is a mess. I know it’s harsh, I look to Facebook like it is the next friendster
  • It has a better gallery. I like the mosaic view of the gallery and it has a better preview of pictures. You can also see the details of the picture including the camera that was used, ISO, aperture and many more
  • I like the notifications of Google+. It is easier to manage the notifications of Google+
  • Circles let me manage and view my friend’s post easier. 
  • Haven’t tried hangouts but they said it is really coooooool
All in all I really like the Google+ but it still needs more improvement. They still need to catch up with acebook which has a gazillion of users.

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