One of my favorite facebook game right now is Hotel City, the game is currently in beta stage so we can expect more features when the time comes.

Hotel City is a game where you build rooms for your customers and of course you will not only build hotel rooms but also some rooms which they can eat, train and more.

If you are looking for Hotel City cheats, hacks, tips, tricks & more, unfortunately there are hacks or cheats in hotel city using cheat engine. But I suggest that you should not use it because the is more enjoyable if you do not use hacks or cheats.

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  1. eww you are a liar putting the word hack and stuff in the signature you are an idiot why put that there when your not gonna put in any cheats or hacks you are lame boooooooooo

  2. Im sorry, but it’s best to provide searchers a “subject title” with an appropriate one. People come here expecting 2 c what what ur offering, only 2 get told, “do not use hacks or cheats.” Don’t b suprised 2 c more hate comments later from other FB users.


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