Some people might be asking, what are those numbers, what the hell does that mean? how does Jam Ancheta review? Well, here’s the post to answer your questions regarding how I rate and review smartphones.
Every person has its own style in reviewing a gadget. I always base my review in my real-life experience with the product so don’t expect that we’ll have same opinions on the same product that I’m reviewing. Again, we have different views and perspective whenever we review a product.
If you’ve seen my smartphone and tablet reviews, you’ve probably seen the ratings at the bottom of the post. There are criteria and they are rated each.  Probably, you are wondering how I get those numbers. Well, here’s a guide on how I view those digits.
  1. Garbage. Just Garbage
  2. At least it is better than garbage
  3. Better than better than garbage? (still not likeable)
  4. Has issues but still bad
  5. K.
  6. Average. There are issues 🙁
  7. Good although there still some issues 🙁
  8. Nice!
  9. Wow, it’s almost perfect
  10. Da best
How do I get the total score? It’s easy. It’s the average of those subscores.


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