Microsoft CoPilot

Microsoft has recently unveiled Copilot, an AI assistant that is integrated to Windows 11 and it uses deep learning techniques to understand, predict, and generate content. This is similar to ChatGPT and also to Google Bard which are already out in the market. But recently, Microsoft has also outed Microsoft Copilot on the web as well.

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Will AI replace us?

Microsoft CoPilot

This is the biggest fear of most workers today is that AI will replace their jobs. But according to Work Trend Index survey, AI will work alongside people which will free workers from digital debt and they can focus on innovation.

Digital debts such as inflow of data, emails, notifications, and many more can be minimized with AI. Remember things like meetings that could’ve been an email? Yeah? Well, AI like Microsoft Copilot can help us minimize and summarize those things for us.  This will give us more time to focus and to do things that needs to be done.

How can Copilot helps us?

Aside from the basic stuff including answering questions in our language and summarizing content, Microsoft CoPilot can help you in other tasks such as when writing a document, presentations and more with Copilot that is integrated with Office 365 which will be coming soon.

So whether you’re a student or an office worker, you would definitely appreciate how Copilot can help you in your daily task. Copilot is basically your assistant to make things done faster and better.


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