Huawei‘s latest flagship, the P60 Pro, has taken the crown as the best smartphone camera according to DXOMARK’s latest camera ranking.

huawei p pro dxomark result
  Source: DXOMARK

The P60 Pro was put to the test through DXOMARK’s rigorous camera testing process, which evaluates a smartphone’s performance in photo, video, and zoom quality from an end-user perspective. The device’s primary camera boasts a 48MP RYYB sensor, 24.5mm equivalent auto-adjustable physical f/1.4 – f/4.0-aperture lens, AF, and OIS, while its ultra-wide camera has a 13MP sensor with a 13mm equivalent f/2.2-aperture lens and AF. The telephoto camera, on the other hand, has a 48MP sensor, a 90mm equivalent f/2.1-aperture lens, AF, and a 10cm minimum focus distance. The P60 Pro runs on a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 4G chipset.

huawei p pro dxomark

So, how did the Huawei P60 Pro fare in DXOMARK’s testing?

It scored an impressive 156 overall, with a photo score of 159, a bokeh score of 80, a preview score of 75, a zoom score of 158, and a video score of 147.

The P60 Pro’s wide dynamic range in landscape or portrait images, accurate auto-focus in photo mode, and high levels of detail with well-controlled noise in photo, video, and zoom were just a few of its standout features. Meanwhile, the phone’s nice and vivid colors, good contrast in every lighting condition, and accurate subject isolation in portrait mode also earned it high marks.

Of course, no smartphone camera is perfect. The P60 Pro had some cons, including unnatural skin tones in low-light videos, unnatural detail rendering in difficult conditions, and image artifacts such as flare, quantization, and ringing. However, the phone’s strengths outweighed its weaknesses, leading to its impressive overall score.

With the P60 Pro leading the pack in DXOMARK’s camera ranking, Huawei has once again proven its commitment to producing high-quality smartphone cameras that rival even the most advanced DSLRs. So, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line mobile photography experience, the P60 Pro might just be your new best friend.



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