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Instagram adds support for Videos

Hey guys look! The hipster’s favorite social network now supports video. The new update of Instagram now allows you to upload a 15 second video in it. You could now have your 15 seconds of fame on Instagram. But of course, Instagram wouldn’t be complete without the filters! Yes, you could also add a few number of filters on your videos. The Instagram V4.0 is now available on iOS and Android 4.1. Unfortunately, for those people who are using the old version of Android, you can’t upload videos on Instagram but you could still view those videos in the app. Vine was known as the “Instagram of videos” but it seems that Instagram could really eat a lot of share from Vine because Instagram is much popular and has a larger user base than Vine. The capacity to upload a photo and a longer video on Instagram is really a big advantage too. I really feel sorry for Vine because the Android app was released a few weeks ago. Download the latest version of Instagram now to upload your favorite foods or just have a vain moment on IG. Don’t forget to follow me at

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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