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iPad mini is now available at Widget city

The iPad mini recently became available in many countries. And unfortunately our beloved country, the Philippines wasn’t included in the list of the countries who’ll get it first but some online stores like Widget City is now accepting reservations and they’ll be bringing the iPad mini to your hands this Monday. In case you forgot the specifications. The iPad mini will sport a much smaller a 7.9″ display with 1024 x 768 resolution, A5 processor, iOS6 and 5 MP rear camera. The specifications is pretty much the same with the iPad 2. I guess Apple wants to target those people who wants to have a much smaller iOS tablet and they want to grab some share from the 7″ Android tablet market. The SRP of the iPad mini is $329.  A lot of people were disappointed because they expected a price lower than $300. Check out the prices of Widget City after the break.

There’s no LTE variants available so you’re stuck with the Wi-Fi version. Here are the prices:

16GB – White PHP19,790 / Black PHP19,490
32GB – PHP23,990
64GB – PHP28,290

I still don’t know why the white and the black have different prices. But I guess, it’s something to do with stocks. And before I forgot, every buyer of the iPad mini in Widget City would get a free screen protector. If you can’t wait and you want to get a hands-on of the iPad mini. Check out Widget City’s Facebook page or their website and contact them to get one on Monday.

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