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iPhone 5c: The Colorful budget iPhone?

These days, some people prefer affordable smartphones over the expensive ones because some people doesn’t really need the feature of these flagship phones and they are already contented with the capabilities of these affordable smartphones. However, Apple isn’t that friendly when it comes to cheap and affordable phones. But It seems that iOS has been losing the battle against Android and they’re force to make a much affordable iPhone. Actually, there have been a lot of rumours that there will be a much affordable iPhone that will be announce on September and it is called as the iPhone 5C. Why don’t you check out what I think of the iPhone 5c after the break.

iPhone 5c huh? So what do you think? Do you think the letter c in its name means cheap? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that Apple doesn’t want to be affiliated with the word “Cheap”. I think they’ll prefer it to be called as the colorful one. Why? Look at the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and the iPod touch. What are the common denominators of these devices aside from that they’re cool, hippy and made for music? These devices are colorful.

I think their strategy of making the previous generation of iPhone as their “Affordable iPhone” isn’t working that’s why they’re resorting to the Apple iPhone 5C. The Apple iPhone 5C will be also much more attractive to the younger generation thanks to its bright and vivid colors. But of course, a much affordable iPhone would mean a downgraded hardware. I guess the iPhone 5C would pack the same specifications of the iPhone 5 while the iPhone 5S will have a much powerful and newer specs.

Actually, there are really no solid evidence that there will be an iPhone 5C aside from that case. My guess estimate for the SRP of this phone will be around P18,000-P23,500. But before we start guessing its SRP, let’s cross our fingers that this rumours are true.

Source: Gizmodo

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Jam Ancheta
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