You are probably familiar with JBL. Yes, they’re the company who brought us a lot of audio products that are awesome and with quality. I’ve used the JBL J33 and yes, I was very satisfied with it. There are only a few earphones that satisfies me like the JBL J33 In-ear headphones did. You know what, just check out my review after the break

The JBL J33 got a unique buckle design. I find it brilliant because the buckle protects the wires inside the earbuds. Sometimes when one of the earbuds doesn’t work, it’s because of the wires inside these cables. Annoying right? Thanks to the buckle design, it would lessen the chances that it would happen.

Like what I’ve said earlier, JBL comes with a quality. The JBL J33’s cable doesn’t feel that it will tear or break easily. The cables are thick and you won’t feel that a simple accidental tugged won’t break the J33’s cable. A really nice feature that all in-ear headphones should have. However, I feel that the cable of the JBL J33 is too long

The JBL J33 is also very comfortable to use. There’s also a small pouch to compensate for that long wire. Whenever I use the JBL J33, I always bring the pouch, not because I’m protecting the JBL J33, but because the cables are too long.

The audio quality? The JBL J33 isn’t the best that I’ve tried but it is definitely a great one. The mids and highs are very nice while the bass feels just right but l wish it could get deeper. But hey, overall, I feel that the JBL J33 is one of the best in-ear headphones that you could get in the stores right now

The JBL J33 is now available at JBL Acoustical Space Megamall, JBL Sound Gallery BGC, and JBL Digital Dreams SM North.


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